Friday, February 8, 2008

Not A Chance

I was working on my computer yesterday and had the TV on for background noise when Fox News cut away to Mitt Romney's speech to CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Committee). He gave a great conservative speech and then dropped out of the race. If he had given that speech three or four months ago, instead of that weird one about Mormonism (or as Mike Huckster-Bee was kind enough to point out, Devil Worship) Mitt would be the nominee today. Maybe he realized what was happening in the country today. The tepid managerialism of the Bushy Administration has bored and confused the TV worshiping crowd who wants Big Solutions! Cadillac Medical Care, Fix The Weather, More Phat Benefits For Granny, Ethanol Replaces Petroleum and we all drive our hybrid-powered ethanol luxury SUVs (Made In America, of course) into the New Age Of Fairness And Climate Stability. Yup, Camelot. So Mitt made his rousing speech, took a bow and left the stage.
To be followed, a couple of hours later by McLame. Now, by this time we had heard speeches from other conservatives, Tom Coburn and Richard Allen and such like, and they were all pretty good, the crowd loved it. Then we heard the scrape of the walker on the stage and in toddles GrandPa McLame. You can find the text of his mendacious suck-up of speech somewhere else; who cares what rhetorical twists and turns this guy is going to make as his geriatric campaign limps to the nomination?
The most salient point is this; when you contrast his flat, insipid delivery with the ringing tones of Obamarama can there be any doubt about the outcome of the election in November? Can this horrible old mummy, who has already alienated a large part of the party's base by his venal and self-centered liberalism and his nasty spite against conservatives win the election? He raised the only point he has going for him, The Dems will strip our country's defences in the face of great danger, but coming from him it doesnt resonate, because he's not a leader, he doesnt inspire. He's low, mean and nasty. Those kind of people dont win wars or do the right thing in a tough spot. I have more faith that Obamarama would rise to an emergency than I do that McLame would. This old coot has now used his 35% primary 'victories' and his ability to politic among the party professionals to win the nomination. The only question is, can he keep Obamarama from winning all fifty states in the coming blowout?

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