Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too Much Confusion!

I was talking to my daughter, who's a law student at American University in DC (where the Kennedys endorsed Obama). Her and her friends are wildly enthusiastic about Obama and getting madder and madder at HRC. As the war of attrition for delegates continues stories like the one that says that Hillary will achieve the nomination by suing the DNC to accept the delegates from her victories in Michigan and Florida, which were taken away to punish those two states from moving their primaries forward, make them vow that they will cross over and vote for McLame in protest. Black voters would probably not be in a good mood after a lawsuit put The Smartest Woman In The Universe over the top.
Meanwhile, back on the Republican Ranch conservative protest voters have given McLame a black eye this weekend by piling all their votes into the Huckster-Bee column. The media hype for McLame seems to mask a barely-quiescent mob of republican base voters who swear they are all going to vote for Hillary and derail the Straight For Socialism Express.
Chaos ensues. Fortunately our country is blessed with millions of voters who blithely walk through the political pie-fight without getting their outfits stained and who wake up two or three days before the election and 'make up their minds'. These are the guys who vote on the basis of old drunk driving arrests or whether someone like Algore is badly dressed. With the base voters of each party running amok and hating their party's candidates, these swing voters could take off a stampede in any direction. Our once-great nation is in the hands of the feeble-minded; the people who buy sophisticated electronic equipment so they can cast multiple votes for American Idol contestants, the people who dont know that England is an island,who have no idea what the federal budget is, who couldnt find Washington DC on a map.
There is, unfortunately, a different scenario, one which appears more and more likely; Obama whips Hillary in the primaries. His 'thin' resume will then be enhanced by defeating the most feared and ruthless political machine to emerge since FDR was President. And he will turn, Kennedy-like, to face the doddering old maverick, and the Socialist night will descend.


Katy Angel said...

thanks for the shout out, Dad ;)

skep41 said...

Yer welcome, Baby!