Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barry!Yer Mom's Comin an She Looks Mad!

I think The Obamassiah should get some kind of protection order against the 'Fatal Attraction' candidate. I really thought she was going to smack him. What a performance! Three martinis and a couple of lines of good Peruvian coke provided by one of the Clinton Lie-berry and Massage Parlor's most esteeemed contributors (those slow-moving paper-shufflers in the Clinton Archives...and W Bushy it seems! cant seem to get that donor list public or we would have the name of this paragon) and, in a Hunter S Thompsonesque way Miz Hilly tromped out on stage to Kick Some Butt. She filibustered, she bragged, she sniveled and complained. She was condescending, she was aggressive, her anger, not only at The Obamassiah but at Williams and Russert, was palpable, all under that bug-eyed botoxed face that you could bounce a quarter off of. And that weird smile with the upper teeth protruding like some pre-historic rodent.
The Obamassiah just sat there. I'm sure it reminded him of being back in the hood at the community center when a gang of drunken Crips would drop by. Like, just dont do anything to set her off, man, be cool. I havent seen a woman's face so contorted with hatred since those two mercedes-driving women were fighting about a parking space in Trader Joe's parking lot in Encino (I dare the drunken Crips to try to park there). So he just let her do her thing. Oh to have been a fly on whatever wall contained Mark Penn and Maggie Williams. I'll bet when they looked up from preparing their resumes they made some interesting remarks.
My favorite question was asked by Tim Russert. Remember, after the Philly debate the still evident Clinton Sock-Puppets (where are they these days by the way?) were keening and howling about what a vicious attack dog Russert was and how Wolf had better behave himself in the next debate? That must have caused a bit of upset with old Tim because last night he got her back GOOD with that tax return business. In the setup he made sure to define lack of tax return transparency as an admission of guilty associations. After a minute or two of talking about something entirely different HRC allowed that she was, "moving toward releasing our tax returns." How many Saudi Dinars do you think will turn up in the 'capital gains' column?
Its sad. I've had fun with the Clints. This is the end of an era. As soon as The Obamassiah disposes of the demented warthog nominated by the establishment of the Republican Party (aka Leaders Without Followers) the fun will begin and the New Socialist Age will dawn.

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