Friday, February 15, 2008


"We are the hope of the future," sayeth Obama. We can "remake this world as it should be." Believe in me and I shall redeem not just you but your country -- nay, we can become "a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest."

Charles Krauthammer

Let's Forget About Our Troubles And Cares And Join Our Merry Baby-Boomer Pals At
I was reading that last post, and some of the comments, and you know, it is a little bit gloomy. Maybe Obama will have the charisma and smarts to turn this entitlement thing around. After all Nixon enacted price controls and drank Mai-tais with Chou En Lai. Now the whole 'You Get An Individual Check Adjusted For Inflation, Grandpa' thing is going right out the window. The bourgeous individualistic approach to retirement is unaffordable and contributed to Global Warming. There is nothing in the constitution that says the government owes you anything and SSI was just a tax paid into the General Fund; the law governing how its distributed can be modified in any fashion, you dont have an individual account like with a pension fund or an insurance company.
There are no rules. In fact, with our Living Constitution Associate Justice Leahy will guide us away from the sexist and patriarchal 'Bill Of Rights' and inject a much-needed flexibility into our concept of 'Freedo
m Of Association'. You see, what the Founding Fathers surely would have meant if they had only had access to the internet, is Free Association; association with others in your demographic designation For Free! And so us seniors can look forward to......

Where the Boomers live out their Golden Sunset Years!

It comes into view through the bars on the bus windows, your new home-- Hopeville!

The snug little bungalows will fit you and ninety-nine of your soon-to-be best friends just right!

Its all been
with Feng Shui
in mind!

Hey, grab your stuff...
Dinner's On!
If you cant tell what that
gray mush is
you can just be
sure its Organic!
Yum, Yum!

Lots of healthful collective exercise in Gaia's great outdoors!

Good Food, lots of exercise?
You'll be dropping those extra
pounds in a hurry! If there
were any stores and if you
had any money you'd be
ready for a new outfit!

Stop worrying about
those medical expenses!
Its all On The House!

Got a problem? Take it up with our Friendly Staff! They're here to make sure you fit into the Collective.

So take a tip from the Commandante of Compassion and "Get Your Mind Right... or should I say Left!", and report to your Senior Collection Center as ordered to avoid unpleasant administrative 'situations'.

This will be your only warning!

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