Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Anyone who has read this blog knows how angry and upset I was that the second worst candidate in the Republican field (or third, if you count Ron Paul) has apparently won the Republican nomination. I believe a couple of posts back I was yelling about voting for Obama. After all it is the feelgood vote. In the godforsaken leftwing corner of the world I live in (Henry Waxman's solid district) my conversion to the side of goodness and right, no matter its perverse motives (that I want the oncoming disaster to have Democratic fingerprints), has been the cause of great amusement and joy amongst my family and associates. How does the Bible quote go? "There is more joy in heaven at the repentance of one sinner than in the prayers of a thousand righteous men."
It lasted until yesterday. Yesterday there was a vote to renew the FISA Act. The law that allows the government to eavesdrop on the terrorists and also protects the telecom companies if they let the Feds datamine call records. Mrs. Clinton didnt bother to vote, a statement that avoiding political risk was more important than protecting the country. Barak Obama voted against the renewal, a statement that he will refuse to protect our nation and people from those savages. John McCain showed up and voted for the bill. He just got my vote.
Was it ever in doubt? Obama's radicalism is dangerous and wrong. I cant vote for someone like that just to make a political point or to be perverse. If the Dems get in and raise taxes in the way that they propose we will all suffer. I cant vote to do that to my country. So as angry as I have been at McCain's liberal maverickisms when it comes down to supporting the War On Terror or having any chance of avoiding Federal Health Care I am forced to part ways with Ann Coulter and swallow my anger. We all have to work to elect this guy, like it or not. Its the right thing to do for our country.

PS- The cartoon that is the basis for this image is from "A Cartoon History Of Our Times" by the British cartoonist David Low. Very many of his drawings, done to depict events as Europe slid towards appeasement and timidity apply today.

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