Monday, February 11, 2008

No Love!

The preacher used to yell, "I'm not feelin' a lot of LOVE in the room!" Its probably what Bill Clinton was feeling at the Grammies. He didnt win for his Book On Tape reading of "The Audacity Of Hope", another of his coma-inducing guides to planetary happiness. Thats OK; I've sat through the ordeal of nominating shows, they are horrible, especially if you lose; not only because you didnt win but because you sat there for four hours of noise, awful stage presentations, maudlin and egotistical acceptance speeches, and bad ventilation but also because you ALWAYS feel like the fix was in for the undeserving creeps who beat you out for your well-deserved award (I won an Emmy the second time, which made it a little bit more easy to take). But what must have been the ultimate kick in the pants was the awarding of the Grammy to Barak Obama's reading of 'Dreams From My Father'. So, sitting in a room where at least three quarters of the attendees are former campaign contributors and many are former party pals, Bill Clinton couldnt make the grade. Is this justice? His stumbling, inept, moronic, and ultimately traitorous former Vice President gets an Emmy, an Oscar, and the goldanged Nobel Peace Prize (long lusted after by the former Prez) and Bill gets NADA! No awards, no love. A visibly aging ex-president, cursed with verbal diarrhea but bereft of eloquence, whose empty soul has nothing real to say can triangulate himself into an irrelevant senescence and will now sadly disappear into the sunset, Clinton III a fading dream. Gerald Ford on Viagra. And you dont believe in Kharma you fools!

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