Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two Americas

In many ways this series of primaries has been a huge disappointment to me but there have been some moments so wonderful that I wouldnt trade them for anything. Many, or most, of these moments have involved the ongoing decline and fall of the Clinton Crime Family.
People ask,"What has Barak Obama ever done that qualifies him for the Presidency?" He reduced Hillary to tears; yes they were phony tears but he had her down on her knees, royal air of entitlement stripped from her, begging for votes from the proletarian rubes she has always professed to champion. He turned BJ from the cool, self-assured ex-president, doing his endless royal walk through the fundraising garden, pocketing 'donations' to his vast charitable enterprise (which were in actuality future claims on the almost-certain advent of Clinton III) into a red-faced, race-baiting, unglued male version of Brittany Spears. You show me anybody else who has ever done that. The Clints have spent the last 16 years WHIPPING their political enemies. People were scared of the Clintons. If they were mad at you they hit you with everything but the kitchen sink until you cracked. Ask Newt Gingrich. The media were their tame and servile lap dogs. They were the Democratic Party.
Not No More. Even if, by some miracle, Hillary manages to gain the nomination (and almost certainly the Presidency, running against that odious old frog of a McLame) the aura is gone. They will never get back what they had. And now, the pride and joy of Bill Clinton's life, his stash of money, has had to be tapped to keep the Little Woman's campaign alive. 5 mil. Yeah.
The Chicoms are being cagey and Hollywood is backing Barak, the river of cash is drying up as people realize that she is now the underdog, that Obamarama has her number. How much more will the Clints have to kick in of their ill-gotten gains to keep the dream alive? First they've had to watch the myth of their love and popularity melt away, people they thought were their friends have turned eagerly to betray them, and now the harshest insult of all, the beloved cash-pile shrinks.
I never thought that I would vote for Hillary, but if she runs against McLame I dont think I could resist it. I want to watch Clinton III gain power and turn on their enemies-- The Democrats! All the Congressmen and Senators that turned on them, all the governors who didnt endorse them, the Hollywood bigwigs who threw fundraisers for Obamarama, the newspapers and journalists who suddenly started to sneer and get nasty, what an enemies list they will have! As her insane policies wreck the economy the Dems will need to explain to the enraged public that its not those socialist policies that are causing the problems but THEM, The Clintons!

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