Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Party Priorty

The Republican Party sent me a survey yesterday. One of the things I hate about multiple-choice surveys is that they trap you into a preset range of opinions. One of the last questions was what should be the Republican Party's top priority. The usual menu of issues were presented but of course the total disconnect between the voters and the political class was nowhere to be found. I checked the box marked 'other' and a form for an e-mail response popped up. Here is what I wrote:

The party has joined the permanent beaurocracy, the corporate community and the academic and media elitists in their belief that subsidies and government programs are the answer to every perceived problem and that the common herd exists only to pay taxes to support their wise policies.
The party that used to stand for freedom is now working with the Democrats to destroy freedom. The total failure of leadership by President Bush has turned this party into a claque of cheap pimps trying to earmark their way into the good graces of their corporate and beaurocratic supporters. President Bush moved haltingly forward on the War On Terror (after kowtowing to our enemies at the UN) and then, faced with Syrian and Iranian support for the terrorists collapsed into gutless 'diplomacy'. The government, from FEMA to the FDA to the Department of Education, and most especially the intelligence community and the Dept. Of Homeland Security has turned into a massively expensive and totally incompetent bunch of buffoons, unable to carry out their mandated functions and many times actively working against our national interests.
The party's top priory is to resist this slide toward EuroTrash Socialism, reform the entitlement monster that threatens to engulf our society, loudly and vocally point out the corruption and dishonesty that are rife in the Democratic party and in fact, treat the Dems as adversaries. DUMP THE BIPARTISAN BULLSHIT! The Party needs to stop targeting 'vulnerable' swing districts and take the war to the enemy all over the country...make the Libs defend their failed policies. Speak out for property rights and some sort of guarantee that the government cant confiscate more than a certain percentage of the money that people earn. Stop the 'comprehensive Immigration' crap and enforce the current law, including telling Mexico to stop interfering in our internal affairs and closing most of their consulates in this country. Be an alternative to giant government instead of a participant. Oppose Global Warming as a political tool to expand government control over our lives. Oppose the failed concept of government health care.
Cancel your subscription to the New York Times and throw your television set out the window....

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