Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This morning on Townhall.com there was an article by Tom Delay talking about Newt Gingrich.
He talked about his qualities as a possible Presidential candidate. In a party where the rank and file feel totally betrayed by the leadership, someone with reliably conservative views and a track record of putting them into action as very attractive but is Newt the guy that can go up against the Evil Clintons? i posted a comment:

The problem with Newt is that he's already faced the machine that is 'The Clintons' and they've got his number. While Hilly will be spewing platitudes and blowing fake kisses with Oprah and Matt Lauer the sock puppets will be ridiculing him as a nerd. The always repulsive Clints realize that ideas dont matter, especially to the ignorant retards, er... excuse me, swing voters that are up for grabs in the last weeks of a campaign. Its all about FEELINGS. Whichever Republican wins the nomination is going to have to reduce his message to a few simple, understandable emotional issues and not get knocked off message. Newt cant do that. During the impeachment of BJ Newt let the Clinton machine turn the subject from corruption to privacy and he lost big time. On the budget they turned it from excessive spending to Granny aint gettin her check. Whupped his ass and they'll do it again.

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