Friday, June 15, 2007

Clinton Stocks

This was a comment I submitted to a article that recounted how the sleezy Clintons looked at their massive stock portfolio and found some politically troubling stocks, stocks that the left wing herd might find unPC. Since I had just watched Jim Cramer make a pretty cogent case against any Big Pharma stocks , but especially J&J and Pfizer, and Wal-mart's problems are well-known it seems that they might have just been putting a PC face on a cleanout of stinko stocks. My comment was as follows:

If I had bowbow doggie loser stocks like Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer I'd liquidate them MUY PRONTO!- conflict or not. How can people who take baskets of cash from all and sundry, including millions from one critter who makes his living selling lists of vulnerable senior citizens to ripoff artists (Vin Gupta) and who have never had to explain or even comment on the millions that got and are getting from the evil commies in Red China, again without any reaction from the public, be worried about scrutiny? The press are their lapdogs, their Democratic opponents too befuddled and ethically compromised themselves to make a squeak and the Republican establishment (steeped in the gutless bipartisanship that our very misguided Prez thinks will earn him Brownie Points in history) has the spinelessness of a crawling nematode.Until somebody has the guts to really publicly confront the most corrupt pair of politicians in American history we'll never be rid of them. So Missy Hilly, keep your poorly performing drug stocks while you rant against Big Pharma, just as you ranted against Dubai Ports World while the lovely and exciting BJ was in Dubai bilking the emir out of a few hundred thousand in consultancy fees, nobody's ever going to say a thing.

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