Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rock On Hillary

This is a comment I posted (on June 26,2007) about a Larry Kudlow article about the effect of taxes on the economy. Good stuff Larry but the people who run this country arent listening.

Anyway, here's my comment:

Bring On Hillary Carter Clinton
The 401k granola-eating yuppies deserve the Democrats. Their ignorance of how economies work and where wealth comes from (courtesy of the wonderful professors who propagandize in our universities) will be played out when the caring, compassionate Friends Of The Little Guy tax and regulate this country into poverty. Working class people actually have much less to lose in the coming Soviet-style collapse because they generally have more children who wont let them starve. Please Lord, Let the DINKS and the 401k worshipers' securities become worthless,real estate values tank, their pension plans go bankrupt and their currency inflate to the value of used toilet paper. Rock On Hillary!

Well,yes...its a little pessimistic but where else are we headed?

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