Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Dynasties

David Boaz, writing in The (June 8)talks of American political dynasties. He asks if it will be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. No wonder this country is in decline! Here's the comment I posted:

These incompetent morons are not a dynasty. You can be assured that Republicans (of which I am one) have been cured of the urge to vote for the liberal, bureaucratic, visionless, spineless empty suits who comprise the 'Bush' side of your dynastic equation. If only the Democrats would become equally disillusioned with the corrupt, amazingly phony and dishonest, sloppy, inept and vicious Clintons. The only thing that we can truly count on is the continuous, luxuriant growth of a feeble and oppressive bureaucracy which will, at some point, take us from prosperity to poverty.

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