Saturday, June 16, 2007

Harry Reid-- Master Strategist

On Townhall today there was an article by Dean Barnett about Harry Reid's contemptible attack on Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. The Nutroots are now trying to say that the comment never happened. In true 1984 style we are supposed to wipe it from our memories. I guess we should also wipe from our memories that Gen. Pace lost his job because the weak-kneed Sec Gates (Oh Rumsfeldt we miss you so!) apparently fired him at the behest of Al Qaeda Senator Carl Levin, a Jewish person who supports dialog with people who spend alot of their time dreaming of killing all Jews; after all, a reasonable middle ground would leave some Jews alive and Mr. Levin would probably be one of them in a Theresienstadt-type situation. Anyway, here is the comment I posted:

Reid Is A Genius
You are blinded by your medieval military prejudices which enjoin you to 'kill' or 'defeat' the enemy. The 21st Century Harry Reid strategy is much more compelling. You form a shell company with Al Qaeda and Mukki El Sadr, privatize a huge tract of Iraqi public land and use your insider position to make sure that the shell company ends up owning the property. Then you sell out to a large land development company. Everybody wins, problem solved!
You neocon Neanderthals just cant let go of your addiction to war; a few carbombings in crowded marketplaces here or a couple of beheadings there and you want to send in the Marines. The Democrats are going to send for an advisory team from Hamas (who have had such a glowing success dealing with their political opposition lately) to try to sort out the political situation on the ground in Washington and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

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