Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fairness Fun

Just tried to open a new blog on Townhall. First post (or attempted post, TH is real buggy)

Lets have Fairness in political media. And by political I mean shows like Oprah and the Daily Show. Now it goes without saying that Oprah's obvious 'Balance Partner' would be Ann Coulter. What wonderful TV that would make! After all TV doesnt really convey information, it exudes feelings, so lets let the feelings run strong. I want to see Ann run out into the audience and hug her little heart out. Just because we dont want to redistribute wealth and nationalize health care doesnt mean we cant feel your pain as well as the next guy.
I work in an animation studio (well, a lot of animation studios. Film production is like a giant game of musical chairs, everybody hopping from job to job) and its becoming more and more clear that most of my left-wing collegues don't read even left-wing blogs or newspapers (who can blame them? Strip away the psychotic invective and conspiracy theories and you're left with vague, unsupportable old Socialist nostrums that have to disguise their true intent because they are so easily discredited). Their main source of political information is the wretched 'Daily Show'. Playing clips and smirking along. Innuendo at its dumbest and least funny. But hard to argue with. I mean we all KNOW that conservatives are a mean, spiteful bunch of inarticulate clowns..dont we? If you start from that premise its easy to laugh along and your facile 'understanding' will enable you to cast just as valid a vote as the most informed policy wonk.
So who's John Stewart's 'Balance Partner'? He'd have Newt foaming at the mouth pretty quick, anyway Newt's sense of humor (if it exists) doesnt play out on TV. Fred Barnes? NAH! Mark Levin...BINGO!
Just let 'American Idol' set the tone. We reinvent elections. All the candidates from each party get (at first) a quick, few seconds to make their point. At which point our three judge panel... say Al Franken, Morton Kondrake and Mark Levin add a comment. Then America votes, each week one or two are eliminated and the time of the remaining ones is increased. Until the final episode and the two left standing.
So when people start talking 'Fairness Doctrine' dont close your minds. The permanent beurocracy is going to do whatever the hell it wants, regardless of who gets elected or what the law says so lets have some fun.

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