Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ministry Of Plenty

The FDA has really distinguished itself lately. Letting the Chinese import poisoned ingredients for catfood, toothpaste and cough medicine; allowing foods with synthetic ingredients and pesticides to be labeled as organic they just move from triumph to triumph. Last week my friend Julianna forwarded an article about an attempt by Hershey and a couple of other big food combines to label processed and artificially flavored vegetable oil as chocolate. Very reminiscient of '1984'; DOUBLEPLUSGOOD! The FDA has to pretend that people who dont give cash gifts or promise future employment to their officials have opinions that matter so they have a comment page. When I was younger I hung out with allot of addicts; heroin, cocaine,pills whatever... but I never have met a group loonier than chocolate addicts. Anyway, here is what I posted on the FDA Chocolate comment site:

> If something that is not chocolate can, for self-serving purposes, can be bureaucratically defined as chocolate how can anyone have any faith in any definition on any label? Therefore the agency that was established to prevent consumer fraud becomes a party to it. You must be so proud! When I think about how much mislabeled industrial muck the chronically obese herd of swine often referred to as 'the consumers' are undoubtedly and unknowingly sucking down their greedy maws already I reflect that you could honestly label these products and these morons would buy it by the ton as long as it was sweet, greasy and cheap. The worse aspect of this is not in candy bars but where chocolate is used as an ingredient, the recipe remains the same but quality of each ingredient degrades until we have a world where an original 1960's Hostess Twinkie will seem like a gourmet's dream in comparison to its twenty-fist century cousin. Dont let them call reprocessed vegetable oil chocolate, it degrades you.

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