Saturday, June 14, 2008

Endangered Species Action

The lefties have done it again. For sheer chutzpah the recent listing of the polar bear as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act is almost without parallel. Its amazing first because polar bear populations have increased dramatically in the last twenty years. But that doesnt matter to anybody; what does matter is the remedy for this supposed move toward extinction. Now ANY economic activity which produces carbon emissions can be subject to fines, taxes and regulations because carbon emissions cause Climate Change (the ten year cooling trend has made using the term Global Warming a bit dicey) which will eventually melt the arctic ice cap entirely and drive these endangered ursines to extinction. There is not scientific evidence of any sort that any of this is happening. The ice cap was larger this winter than it ever was. There are five times as many polar bears as there were twenty years ago. Global temperatures started a slight decline ten years ago. But the most extreme Luddite, anti-technology, anti-modern living zealots are now getting a blank check to make any expansion or modernization of any business submit its plans to a 'Committee For Public Safety' where these little Robespierres and Robespierrettes can decide whether the polar bear will be affected or not. Lest you think that the general Gorian muddle hasnt affected the brains of the members of what some allege is its own political party distinct from the Democrats, remember it is the Bushy Administration that has agreed to hand the keys to the guillotine to the slavering mob, hoping to avoid the ax themselves.
So if the polar bears are doing just fine, who's endangered? Its your car, stupid. If you own a big car then you already can see the handwriting on the wall. Those Escalades, Yukons and Suburbans are truly living on borrowed time. The Democrats have spent the last seven years accusing the Republicans of mass murder when all this time they've been planning mass grand theft auto. I wonder how auto workers will feel about losing their jobs because the environmentalists wont let us drill? Who cares? At least the polar bears are safe! Those auto workers are so mad that they're going to vote for a whole bunch of Democrats. Barbara Boxer just tried to get an enviro-bill to the Senate floor which imposed $3,000,000,000,000 (Three trillion) of additional costs on energy usage. By the time the Democrats are done destroying this economy the average person will not be able to own a car of any size. Its their goal which they have publically stated over and over again. They hate the consumer society and are out to destroy it. The Sierra Club, the EPA and the NRDC say it loudly and publicly as they support the Democrats. Those stupid people who are voting for their fat Public Employee Pension that they can collect on top of their Social Security would do well to study the situation in Vallejo, California where collapsing tax receipts and metastasizing pensions have broken the bank and pushed the city into bankruptcy. As they have at General Motors and everywhere else in the Rust Belt. All these blue collar types have been radicalized and they've demanded everything and NOW! They've elected and handed power to liberals who would promise to keep the Gravy train on the tracks forever. But the bridge is out and the train hasnt even slowed down. Laying the environmental agenda onto an already hamstrung economy will be the end of the economy that started at the end of World War Two and has lasted until now. The economy which has given the average person in this country a higher standard of living than any society in human history and was based on freedom to invest, trade and make economic decisions without crawling to some government economic planner. If the Democrats control the Senate, the House and the White House in January that will end abruptly and the collapse will not be far behind. Your Hummer will turn into a Planter.

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