Friday, June 6, 2008

No Lie Lives Forever (New Series)

I listened to The Obamessiah's speech this Tuesday as he 'clinched' the Dem nomination. Amazingly enough this triumph occurred after his loss of two out of the three primaries held that week. So what did our National Savior have to say? The same old stuff. Lots of how bad the Bushies are. Lots of hope and change. Delivered in his stentorian tones which could fire the hopes of a dying hermit. How is he going to perform all these miracles, economic and otherwise? He didnt let us in on the secret. Because there is no secret. The Obamessiah is a product of a university system which is broken and which, in the pursuit of 'academic freedom', has chased out true scholarship and abandoned the pursuit of the truth. Every time The Obamessiah goes off script his total ignorance of just about everything becomes apparent. But he never has to go off script. He's given all the Network anchorites and anchorettes an interview so generic that you could almost imagine that they shot him with a green-screen in the background and just matted him into the shot for each different interviewer. The questions were identical and all about his feelings. Not one single specific question. This 'important' interview was dropped into the half-hour Obamessiah Infomercial on every channel which goes by the name of 'The Evening News'. Black people are shown talking about how The Obamessiah makes them think they can get ahead in this racist country, after all, and applauding the fact that black people have a black person to vote for because he's black and full of hope. Experts are shown solemnly declaring that racist America's racist race problem is still a terrible problem because the racists are going to vote for McLame just because he's white! GRRRRR! There are shots of people standing next to gas pumps saying that prices are too high and we need some Change We Can Believe In. The flickering TV screens show poor people at clinics saying, "Yes We Can!" and Grannies on Social Security appear clutching their AARP cards and yelling for an end to the Bush-McLame famine! The Obamafest on the MSM makes the Cuban State TV network's coverage of Fidel Castro look balanced and hard-hitting.
Its the same old song. And the MSM (mainstream media) are making a huge mistake. Turning this election into a 'Justice Parade' where anyone who objects is tarred as a mean, reactionary segregationist might stifle the public debate but under the surface on the internet and with all the means of instant communication which exist there is a public opinion that evades scrutiny by the smug elitists who are telling themselves that they hold the moral high ground. That public opinion was on board for The Obamessiah at first because everybody likes to be happy and think that things are going to get better. Bush's lack of leadership has left people hungry for some kind of collective meaning in their lives; who are we? where are we going? But the Reverend Wright stuff brought them up short. We're not God Damned AmeriKKKa, we didnt invent AIDS to murder black people, and we're not involved in a conspiracy to keep black people from succeeding. We didnt wreck the black family and spend a generation telling poor blacks that they didnt have a chance in this racist country, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and all the other Ivy-league educated liberal geniuses did that while us benighted slobs were clinging to our guns and religion in our dark double-wide trailers out in the suburbs and the sticks trying to connive expensive tax cuts hacked from the hopes and futures of the deserving poor. People dont like that scenario; The Obamessiah's losses in most of the post-Wright primaries prove it. That was among Democrats, what must independents and Republicans be thinking?
Fortunately John McLame is such a hopelessly inept speaker and campaigner that the Great Unwashed Herd thinks he's a conservative. They made the same mistake with Bush. This error of perception is reinforced by the Democrats who hurl the C-word at Bush and McLame without let-up. The liberal McLame positions that make any Real Conservative scream at his TV just as he would with a Clinton, a Schumer or an Obama are lost in the garbled delivery. Thats the genius of McLame's strategy. With a scary radical like The Obamessiah, sure to be unmasked by some band of free-lance Swift-Boaters just like the Foon-Faced Shmoo who 'reported for duty' in 2004, appearing to be a 'foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution' isnt such a bad thing. A totally dishonest thing but who's counting?
As the Justice Parade marches toward the election dont believe the polls. People will recite the politically correct line to the pollsters but in the voting booth it will be a different story. McLame can win big by doing nothing.

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