Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thats All Folks!

Change You Can believe In! Like all good Stalinists the Democraps are now reaching into people's past to root out potential terrorists who are harboring incorrect thoughts. If you've embezzled some cash from Countrywide or planted a few bombs in public buildings, thats OK. The Obamanoids are not interested in petite-bourgeois economic crimes and attacks against AmeriKKKa are downright laudable! True counterrevolution is expressed now by being a Civil War buff. It seems that Jim 'Melonhead' Webb, a truly obnoxious liberal who ran for the Senate on the vile lie that there is such a thing as a Conservative Democrap, is being pilloried and eliminated as a Vice Presidential candidate for expressing thoughts which might be mistaken as sympathy for the Confederacy, an entity now pictured in PC history as a precurser to the National, I mean NAZI, regime in Germany (use of the term National Socialist is in itself a counterrevolutionary act as weak minds might confuse it with the Progressive Socialists who are on a crusade to save Our Planet from the predations of the Capitalist Octopus!). In later history books critters like Woodrow Wilson, who prayed for Confederate victory as a young boy, and any other deranged racist lunatic with similar views will have their biographies rewritten or expunged from history altogether to try to remove this evil stain on AmeriKKKa's bloody and oppressive past. Books like the infamous 'Gone With The Wind' will be burned, of course, along with those by racist reactionaries like Thomas Sowell. A friend of mine invited me to a Civil War reenactment once and I have to admit I put on the dreaded grey uniform but I have atoned; I've written down every un-PC statement I've ever heard from anyone I've ever met and will happily co-operate with the New Obama Stasi to imprison my reactionary acquaintances for the good of the planet. We should remember the emphasis on having a humble working-class background during the Stalin regime and also note that the intellectuals and elitists who were so instrumental in installing the I mean... Progressive Socialist regime in Russia were ultimately destroyed in the Great Purge of the 1930s when it was realized that having 'progressive' views is only a front to hide a bourgeois class background in many cases . When dealing with the glassy-eyed Marxist fanatics...oh sorry, I guess I dont have my mind completely right...the Hope-filled Green Idealists who now make up the upper crust of the Democrap Party you should use Gulag Archipelago as a survival guide (keeping it well hidden behind copies of Noam Chomski and 'Audacity Of Hope' just in case the block supervisor should get the wrong idea about your views). Now with the beloved polar bear about to be wiped from the face of the Earth by greedy globalist capitalism we have to ruthlessly weed out these racist Confederate Kooks and give them the Free Medical Care in the form of electro-shock therapy (from windmill-generated renewable sources, of course) and huge doses of mind-bending anti-psychotic drugs that will make them, in the end, love Big Obama! For The Change Revolution, Comrades!

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