Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Hunt The Red Squirrel!

On the first day of Gettysburg John Buford arrived on the scene with his two battalions of cavalry. He saw a Confederate corps marching into the area and realized a battle was imminent. He knew that if he waited for the feeble old man who had been placed in command of the Army Of The Potomac because of the total incompetence of the other candidates for that office, to take action that the high ground and probably the battle would be lost in a river of Union blood. Buford dismounted his troops and held the high ground for a critical morning, forcing the befuddled Meade to deploy on the high ground, saving the battle and possibly winning the war for the Union.
Now, we Republicans are confronted with a similar situation. The feeble old man who has outlasted his totally incompetent opponents holds the command of our forces. He is timid, inept and sympathetic to the enemy. But we can now glimpse the high ground. For the last year or so the media have described Barak Obama's occupation prior to his election to the Illinois state legislature as a 'Community Organizer'. Its never explained who he worked for or what he did. Yesterday Michelle Malkin let the cat out of the bag. He worked for ACORN. Lets grab a few quotes off of their website (

"ACORN's decision to back the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson might have been a divisive action in many organizations. When it became clear that Jackson not only shared ACORN's commitment to the People's Platform but was able to work with ACORN and other progressive groups, however, the decision was easy."

"In city after city, groups provided members, resources and enthusiasm to the ranches to protest Reagan's domestic and foreign policies."

"ACORN wants the House and Senate to stop its partisan divisiveness and enact immigration legislation that helps immigrants become U.S. citizens."

Left-wing enough for ya? The big charge against ACORN is that it is actively involved in the massive voter fraud that the Democrats are using to subvert our electoral system and elect more radical politicians. Ghetto neighborhoods in cities like Philadelphia and St Louis are experiencing 100% voter turnouts and 99.5% Democratic majorities thanks to ACORN and similar radical 'community organizations'. ACORN operatives have been busted turning in thousands of fake voter registration cards, usually dumping a huge pile of them on overworked registrars on the last day of eligibility. ACORN should be prosecuted as a criminal conspiracy under the RICO statute. Unlike regular thugs, some of whom are patriotic and love their country as they commit their evil deeds, ACORN not only hates this country and considers it evil but they commit their crimes to further an agenda which includes installing a totalitarian socialist system in this country. 40% of the funding for these Stalinist louts comes from the taxpayers and probably a lot more from protection money paid by ghetto merchants to enable them to do business in urban neighborhoods.
Now, we all were outraged at the Clinton Crime Family and its servile flunky Algore for taking baskets of campaign cash from the Chinese Commies. But we should do well to remember the words of the late Jesse Unruh, a notable California legislator who said the following, "We take their money, we screw their women and then we do whatever the hell we want!" Words that should become the motto of the Democratic Party in the near future. Words the Clinton's lived by. They werent commies but commie cash didnt bother them.
Obama is different. We're not talking about a contribution or an endorsement; this guy worked with an organization that was actively engaged in election fraud and intimidation tactics to further a revolutionary left-wing agenda FOR YEARS! Now the media, which spent an unprofitable five years combing through W's National Gaurd attendance records but which neglected to ask Algore about the Shaolin Temple nuns or interview Kerry's swiftboat company commander is hardly likely to break into the left-wing Obama festival on the TV news and ask Barak to explain his activities with ACORN. Neither is the confused and feeble McLame campaign, which has just announced the dismantling of the Republican Party's project to detect voter fraud set up by the Evil Rove when he wasnt 'outing' Valerie Plame.
So lets do it ourselves. What did our little 'community organizer' do in his years with ACORN? What does he think of them now, when they are endorsing him for the presidency? Did he ever procure their organization any State or Federal funding in his years as a legislator, like he did for Rev Wright and Father Pflegar? Did he help break any laws?
Fire up the Swift Boats boys! McLame and the RINO Party might be comatose but we still know how to fight! Lets smoke out this commie squirrel and his stash of ACORN nuts! This buffoon is as vulnerable as that Stan Laurel lookalike who faced Bush four years ago. These years-long associations with outright commies, anti-white racists and SDS terrorists have to be served up hot to the public early and often until even the blind can see what the stakes are in this election.

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