Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Tricky Race Card

Today is...let me see...Tuesday! My last couple of posts have mentioned what a weak, feeble candidate McLame is and how he will be crushed like a bug in November. But now I see that McLame has a powerful ally, one whose every word and deed are loudly praised and trumpeted by a servile media, a man considered a Saint by some, a Messiah by others. I refer, of course, to the one and only Barak Obama, Candidate Extrordinare! What, you say? How can this be? Isnt he the opponent of our confused and overaged liberal Maverick? How has he become the greatest asset of the McLame campaign?
Its very simple. When Obama ran against the detestable and repulsive Clintons he was able to successfully outmaneuver them and even paint our First Black President and Brunhilda, his lovely wife, as the ruthless, lying, phonies that they are. For a while, anyway. Until the Rev Wright stuff came up. By the time the primary campaign groaned to a merciful close a few weeks ago even the nauseating Mrs. Clinton was scoring thirty and forty point victories in key states against the beloved Torchbearer Of Change. The media portrayed this as some kind of heartfelt affinity that the blue-collar types had developed for Her Royal Thighness as she wandered about the country enveloped in an impenetrable phalanx of security and handlers, 'bumping into' people who related incredible sob stories, which on the most cursory investigation by bloggers and other non-elite scum, turned out to be a pack of bald-faced lies.
If it wasnt her glittering personality and a speaking style resembling the voice-over telescreen announcer in the movie '1984' than what was it that enabled this hopeless candidate to score forty point victories over the Obamessiah?
Racism. Not white racism, black racism. The racism that dares not speak its name. The media have never mentioned it because in their left-wing universities and hermetically sealed elite power circles black people are considered to be incapable of having racist thoughts. Its a racial stereotype that is one of the cornerstones of the liberal cathecism. So when The Man Who Brings Hope announces in advance that those crackers in the McLame campaign have their sheets at the drycleaners so they'll be sparkling white for the cross-burning racial smear campaign he KNOWS those Wascally Wepublicans are ginning up against the poor little 'Community Organizer' the media dutifully report it along with some endless soul-searching; "Has America (read, White America) cured itself of its inbred racism?" Or as Obama put it, their fear of people different than themselves.
This is the kind of smug, patronizing, elitist contempt for average people that got Obama his thirty point shellackings at the hands of the annoying and despicable Clinton Crime Family. Unfortunately for The Man Who Can there is literally no one in the Democratic Party or the Mainstream Media (same thing) who will admit this ugly truth to themselves. So when some independent 527 group emerges from the internet/talk radio soup to explode some political land mine at the very vulnerable Marxist feet of The Candidate Of Unity the answer will be as powerful as the media assault on the Swift Boaters, and as ineffective. Nothing makes people more angry than loudmouth black politicians evading scrutiny of their actions by yelling about what victims of racism they are. Nothing. And that's exactly what Obama has announced, in advance!, that he's planning to do.
So, since its Tuesday I retract my Saturday obituary for the moribund and nearly invisible McLame campaign and assert that the Obama-fest currently taking place in the media is so over the top and obnoxious and the candidate's and his party's complete lack of understanding of how regular Americans feel is so flagrant that McLame has the same political strong point that Hillary Clinton had in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia; he's not Obama. And that might be enough to put him over the top.

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