Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Lie Lives Forever!

So this is it. The pair of incompetent miscreants who have plagued our nation for sixteen years with their endless stream of lies and their poorly concealed crimes have finally run out of enablers. The Dems and the media who looked the other way for all those years have turned their backs on America's Power Couple and canceled the deal on Clinton III. The March Of Entitlement for the Good Wife who sat still while her husbands groupies were lined up at the White House guard gate like planes circling JFK waiting for landing clearance has marched off a cliff. The rage of the fiftyish Boomer feminists is palpable. It was hers, she had it coming. These were the wenches who looked at a Chief Executive in his mid-fifties slurping and smacking it up with girls in their early twenties and said through clenched teeth, "Its just his private life!" They saw Miz Hilly as a dickless Bill; all the liberal policies without the disturbing sexual undertones. Of course, that wasnt true, she was every bit as slimy and dishonest as he was and didnt even have a tenth of his political talent. Now, even after a scorched-earth campaign which let the demon of Black Liberation Theology, that insane aunt locked away in the liberal attic, out onto main street for everyone to see, she sees the last SuperDooper Delegates move to make Obama the locked-down nominee of the party. No more lies, no more tricks. The Dems and their media stooges have turned their collective backs on you and your loony husband. Maybe they loved you before but they sure dont love you now.
Now the Dems have put all their money on a braying Marxist donkey who is surrounded by glassy-eyed radicals and anti-white demagogues. In the old days the media would have covered for Obama and snuck him into the White House like they did with Jimmy The Jerk and BJ Clinton. These days it wont be so easy. The emerging issue that will dominate the election is the cost of energy. All the Dems are promising is much higher energy taxes and rationing (cap and trade). Obama has no coherent policy in the Middle East but has some disturbing links to terrorists and the people who love them. Do the Dems think that a limp-wristed bug-out from the Middle East is going to LOWER fuel prices? 'No Blood For Oil' means NO OIL! In the face of a tidal wave of evidence that global temperatures have been declining since 1998 are they going to insist on further hobbling our economy as a way to fix the weather? As the current giveaway programs send our nation lurching towards national bankruptcy are they going to propose nationalizing one seventh of the economy (health care) and giving unfettered access to any foreigner enterprising enough to crawl under the fence and accept one of the green cards they'll be handing out like free jellybeans? If the voters catch on to the Dem's true agenda these lying libs will be crushed in November.

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