Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alternate Scenario

Ah Spring! Birds singing, buzzing and chirping hummingbirds are fighting at the feeder; the only discordant note is the distant bellowing of the dying Clinton Campaign, a noise similar to a walrus being harpooned by a hardy Inuit. Its one of those deals where he has to keep harpooning her as she drags herself across the ice leaving a trail of bright red blood. She's not going out with any dignity, that's for sure. I'd love to hear the talk behind closed doors in the Senate, the House or the DNC. I'll bet they could make some of us old Clinton-haters blush. Every day she stays in they hate her more. Also, another Spring Wonder is the absolute and total destruction of the phony Clinton Legacy which Bill was trying to inflate to JFK size without having to go through the discomfort and inconvenience of getting shot. He's sitting on the bench between Martin Van Buren and Rutheford B Hayes and his legacy has a lot of tell-all books to endure now that the Clints cant retaliate, probably damaging enough to slide him right down the bench to take his place with Warren Harding and Andrew Johnson, where he belongs.
And why are the Dems so angry? The winner of the nomination has a collar whites hate his guts. You think those are strong words? I've been amazed at the conversations I've had with people. I dont live in some redneck part of Oklahoma either, I live in Henry Waxman's district in Los Angeles where he wins with 80% of the vote against whatever basket case wants to have his name on the ballot with an 'R' next to it. That Rev Wright stuff really had an impact. People dont like being called evil racists. This has crippled Obama's candidacy.
So the question is can 'The Old Duffer' win. Could it be that all this running a non-partisan campaign is just strategic posing, that at some point McCain is going to say to Obama, "Excuse me dear fellow but I believe your shoe is untied" and than wallop him when he's looking down? We already know he's a crafty little prick, he sandbagged Giuliani and Romney and used Huckster-bee like an Armenian catamite, mightent he have the same in store for Obama?
Obama, even with his toppling of the Clintons, is pretty green. The Dems have some incredible blind spots; they really dont understand how regular people see them. Too much eco-babble while gas prices are rising and the Republicans are yelling about drilling for oil could be a problem, as would an Al Sharpton keynote address. But thats where they're at, thats who just took charge. Howard Dean was a zany left-wing nutball, if you remember. These guys could have the country rushing to vote for McCain out of total fear. If they cant convince people that they have some other ideas than raising taxes and more federal regulation they will have big problems.
McCain might win. Its a long time until the election and its going to be incredibly tough. McCain has as many liabilities as Obama. He has no vision, he is inarticulate and terrible on TV, the conservative base of the party flies into a rage at some of the things he says and adds them to his past betrayals but this gasoline price crisis has shown us very much the difference between McCain and Obama. McCain at least understands something about how oil gets out of the ground and into the gas tank of your car. Somebody has to stop these idiot Dems from wrecking the country and McCain is now the only hope. Hate him as we must we also must support him with votes and, yes, money. Someone who believes that gasoline prices can be lowered by imposing a windfall profits tax on the oil companies is a menace; the last idiot stupid enough to try it was Jimmy The Jerk and we got gas lines and chaos. Obama must be stopped. Hold your nose and jump on the "Straight Talk Express'.

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