Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its Over

The numbers are in in Indiana and North Carolina. Obama skunked Hillary Clinton in NC and looks to be losing by a whisker in Indiana. It means that the Rev Wright business hasnt destroyed Obama among Democrats but the signs of the damage are there. That wont do Hillary any good. The SooperDooper Delegates, the Party insiders, dont want to be under the thumb of the Clintons any more. They're tired of the Old Regime which has ruled capriciously and with many large and small injustices since 1992. They were afraid of the Clintons gaining the White House and exacting revenge on the turncoats within the Party who had jumped ship. Now it only remains for The Little Woman, with the blotchy-faced, pouting lipped, wild-eyed BJ standing unsteadily behind her like a Longhorn Bull who ate too much loco-weed (thats how he looked at Mrs C's 'Victory' speech tonight) to fess up and admit that the Democratic Party; THEIR Party, the Party that watched BJ commit perjury on national TV and still backed him; the Party which watched thugs and dictators line up to stuff the Clinton's coffers with cash and turned and said nothing; the Party which stood by while BJ launched a weak, uncoordinated attack against Al Qaeda two days after he had perjured himself on national TV and an air strike on Iraq on the day he was impeached for that perjury (the only response to a series of bloody attacks); the Party that shielded these two reprobates for almost two decades has had enough of them.
And has, at the same time, totally taken leave of its senses. Barak Obama is not qualified to be President Of The United States. His view of the world doesnt correspond with reality. He has absolutely no administrative experience. The socialist hallucinations which he shares with his radical associates are a recipe for disaster. Pelosi and Reid are just as incompetent and just as wrong. The entire left wing of the Democratic Party has worked itself into a froth after eight years of what they mistake for conservative rule. Only the threat of Bush's veto has restrained them up to now. They think the country is yearning for their heavy handed Central Economic Planning. They think that a weak regime can negotiate its problems in the world away. They think that the destructive pursuit of the Global Warming agenda will be tenable as world temperatures fall, they think Americans will be quiescent as they nationalize the health care system. They think the rich are going to sit by and let themselves be taxed into penury and that capital flight wont be the reaction to much higher taxes. They think business can function efficiently with out of control regulators and unions.
Even with ten Rev Wrights at his back I dont see Obama losing to McCain. McCain is an impossibly incompetent candidate and so self-centered that he wont take any advice. In the months since he hijacked the nomination he has shown that he expects the Republican base to dutifully vote for him while he trolls for votes among Independents and Reagan Democrats.
He has no message, he has no charm, he has no allies except the moth-eaten professional Party establishment who took our 2004 victory and threw it away. McCain will be crushed by Obama.
Soon we will have the happy day when we watch Her Thighness slink off to her mansion in Georgetown and BJ stagger off to his pad in Chappaqua, speaking fees slashed, donations to the Lie-Berry subsiding from a flood to a trickle to spend his declining years grabbing waitresses at the country club and cursing St. Algore and Jimmy The Jerk for their Nobel Prizes. That will be the last happy day we will spend for a long time.
Obama will stride forward and the dark night will descend.

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