Thursday, May 29, 2008

Satan Departs

Jan 20, 2009. The New Age dawns, the Ancien Regime departs. The Obamessiah arrives, surfing the wave of national enthusiasm which gave him a forty-three state victory, a sixty two Senate seat Democratic caucus, and an eighty vote majority in Congress. America's four hundred year journey to justice has arrived at its goal. The Left's century of agitation, propaganda and gutter politics has at last triumphed. Che Guevara told a group of young radicals in the 1960s that they lived "in the belly of the Beast". Now the Beast has been overwhelmed. The world can like us again. Now that the New Era Of Friendship has arrived we can take all that money we were wasting on overseas alliances and bring it home to make life better for the people of these 58 states, who have oppressed others for so long and to such evil purpose.
And in the Middle East they are dancing in the streets! Under the newly-expressed Farrakhan Doctrine President Obama has given a six-month timetable for the total withdrawal of all US forces west of Honolulu, south of Puerto Rico and east of Maine. Even that territory will be difficult for the twelve-ship US Navy to cover.
But some in the Middle East arent dancing. Israel is emptying like a leaking balloon as the New Age Trojans flee their executioners. As the last Jews depart to their refugee camps on Cyprus and Crete a long bloody war begins between Hamas and Hezbollah for control of the ruins of the former Zionist Entity. The departing Israeli Secret Service, as a present to the world which has betrayed them yet again, has left a few stray nukes laying around for these terrorists to find in the hope that they will end up exterminating each other. They do.
The people who supported us in Iraq wont be dancing very hard, either. The Kurds will be trapped between their traditional enemies the Turks and the Iranians with nowhere to run.
As the Iranians move in for the kill in a now defenseless Iraq the Sunni tribes will tremble with fear.
Other Sunni's will have reason to worry. The corrupt and depraved Saudi Royal family will be murdered like dogs in their ultra-modern palaces by savage radical Islamo-fascists eager to erase this un-Islamic luxury. Insane mobs will destroy and loot the shopping malls chanting suras from the Koran as they sack Victoria's Secret. Whorehouses like Abu Dhabi will be pillaged and turned into smoldering wreckage and the inhabitants driven into the burning desert to perish from thirst.
Egypt, Pakistan and Morocco will have some trouble getting into the jolly dance mode as heavily-subsidized US food imports stop. After all, with no more interest in the Middle East what rationale is there for food aid to people halfway around the world? Also, skyrocketing oil prices, due to the increasing chaos and piracy in the Persian Gulf and administrative incompetence by the radicals who have taken over and almost completely shut off oil exports will make things like food aid prohibitively expensive. What would the population of Egypt be without food imports? Half? One quarter? In the old days it was ten million instead of the seventy million it is today.
Iran, already driven to poverty and economic stagnation by its oppressive government will finally succumb to chaos as high food prices and the cessation of gasoline imports push the angry population over the edge. In the end the Indian-Chinese moves to restore order and take charge of the energy supplies will grab the oilfields and leave the rest of the country to dissolve into anarchy and poverty.
A giant food deficit appears all over the world. The largest exporters (The US and Canada) no longer export because of bio-fuel production and disastrous socialist farm policies enacted to prevent Global Warming. Chaotic energy prices and distribution have crippled the transportation systems of the countries who still produce their own food but NO country in the Middle East even comes close to producing what their populations require. From the Indus river to Mauritania a giant, anarchic, corpse-filled, Somalia-like wasteland emerges with a few well-fortified cities surviving and the oil lands split between the Chinese and the Indians, who move into the power vacuum created by the US disappearance from the scene and seize the vital oil fields after brushing the few remaining aborigines back to their primitive Bedouin existences in the desert. Islam will, in fifty years be the religion of a few wandering nomads in the deserts of the Middle East and in the freezing ruins of what was once called 'Europe'.

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