Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Udder Disaster!

I was channel surfing last night. I happened onto CSPAN and blundered into what I thought was a symposium on interracial gay marriage but which actually turned out to be the Obama-Edwards love fest. The wonderfulness flowed from my TV screen like a gusher of warm milk. Except...
I missed Edwards' speech (thanks to a merciful God!) but I think Obama had just started speaking . As he spoke, some nonsense about ending poverty in ten years, I looked past him at the crowd in the background. They were happy and not paying attention ! This riveting rhetoric wasnt registering in their minds at all. Why is that? Because the people Obama is trying to reach, the blue-collar working class whites, have heard all this getting rid of poverty crap for decades and they know it for the lying idiocy that it is. Furthermore, blue-collar working class whites think poor people should stop smoking pot and drinking malt liquor in the middle of the day and go get a job. But these were Obama's fans and his driveling idiocy didnt bother them unduly. They all had signs that said 'CHANGE' and if achieving 'CHANGE' required them to listen to the same old crap they've been hearing for decades then they're willing to sacrifice an hour or two for the cause.
How could Obama have reached them? What could he have said that would make them think he understands their problems and wants to make a difference in their lives? What is the most important day to day issue in most people's lives right now?
Gasoline prices, thats what! People who live in Woodland Hills and commute to their jobs in Burbank...or fill in the town names with whatever ones are familiar to you...have had a giant chunk of cash removed from their pockets and they already were just making the minimum payments on their maxed-out credit cards (interest rates way up BTW). Food prices also have skyrocketed, not a thing that the middle managers are going to notice but the blue-collar working class whites are finding themselves out of cash and maxed-out on credit. They see expenses going up and their salaries staying the same. They're also seeing a giant rise in taxation. Here in California our beloved Jerkinator has just informed us that we are on the hook for billions, thanks to our thrifty Democrat legislators, and my own mayor Antonio VivaLaRaza, in charge of a city where more than half the employees make more than $100,000 per annum, is informing us that somehow there's a horrible shortfall in the city budget and we're in for some heavy tax hikes from that direction.
So what kind of 'CHANGE' do blue-collar working class whites want? They want the boa-constrictor which is strangling their existences to at least loosen its grip. So far Dem propaganda has been successful blaming all this mayhem on GW Bush and the Republicans and because they're half right, the moronic liberal 'Republicans' who bred like maggots in the Compassionate One's administration and who have adopted increasingly liberal positions are responsible for letting a lot of this happen. The ethanol disaster that is raising food prices and causing starvation overseas is a bi-partisan operation to rob the treasury and the fact that its squeezing blue-collar working class whites by raising their food prices doesnt occur to these geniuses as they stuff their pockets. But it occurs to blue-collar working class whites as they see their President lauding the crooked and useless ethanol program and they blame the REPUBLICANS for this stupidity.
Rising gas prices? They've watched Bush messing around in the Middle East without ever saying anything about oil supplies but endlessly droning on about 'Democracy In Iraq', a subject that blue-collar working class whites care nothing about. Now all these grateful Ay-rabs that we went over to Democratize are jacking up the gas prices and using the money they've squeezed from blue-collar working class whites to fund terrorists and build Wahabbi mosques all over the country as the REPUBLICANS dont say a word.
But now blue-collar working class whites are taking a dangerous gamble. They want 'CHANGE' and that's what Barak Obama is offering. A way out of the REPUBLICAN mess we're in. Except, what exactly is this guy going to do about gasoline prices? Drill for oil and increase the supply perhaps? Nah, not even the REPUBLICANS want to get that extreme. The Rep response is to send W Bush to Saudi Arabia to crawl at the throne of King Abdullah and beg for higher production. McLame is still babbling about his giant Global Warming tax increase and doesnt seem to notice that there's a problem with gas or food prices or that his beloved Democrats are pushing policies that will make them worse. The Obama response is to level a tax on 'windfall profits' earned by the oil companies. He's going to lower gasoline prices by taxing the people who sell gasoline, 98% of the price of which is composed of the cost of buying, refining and transporting it and state and federal gasoline taxes. That should work, even though when Jimmy The Jerk tried it in the 70's it caused shortages and chaos. Blue-collar working class whites and all the rest of us are in for a rude shock this January when Obama takes office with a heavily Dem Congress.

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