Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Twenty years ago I was watching some science talk show on which some techno-savant predicted with certainty that in two decades people would have hundreds! of channels to choose from. Unlike most of the 'experts' that one sees on TV this guy turned out to be right. But TV channels are like lovers, if you have too many the experience becomes shallow and empty.

So last night, after my wife said goodnight and dragged herself off to bed I grabbed the remote and began to channel surf away from the channel where the flambouyantly gay men mince and chortle while walls are painted bright colors and on which curtains are coyly referred to as 'window treatments'. I surfed past History International's disgraceful 'FDR', a four-hour hagiography of one of America's worst presidents featuring so-called 'historians' like the goggle-eyed leftist Robert Dallek and Dolores 'dont quote me on that' Kearns Goodwin. Even this slobber-fest admitted at the end of the first two hours that FDR couldn't run on his economic record in 1940 because his misbegotten socialist policies (not described as such by the show, of course) had completely failed to have any good economic effect. "How could this be?" they asked. The Beloved Franklin had tripled taxes, greatly increased government spending and added tons of regulations, so what had gone wrong? Hmmm....

Surfing on from this mendacious mess I came to one of those channels showing infomercials. You know, the kind where the pitchman stands up and the zombie-like members of the rapt studio audience ask him admiring questions that allow the huckster on the podium to pontificate on the wonderfulness of the product.

HEY WAIT! This is CSPAN and that's Barak Obama doing a presser! But the convoluted reasoning was so facile and ridiculous that it just seemed like an infomercial. Watching BHO explain how a trillion dollars of incredibly wasteful federal spending would improve the economy was like listening to the Ultra-Slim guy telling you how molecules of fat are adhered to the magic formula as it passes by the pancreas and are magically expelled, leaving you slimmer without diet or exercise. Convoluted and unconvincing to say the least but delivered with great aplomb by a smiling snake-oil salesman, supremely confident of his miracle product.

But that's the way con-men work. You promise the chumps something thats free and easy, no diet or exercise involved, and you use the willing clods in the studio audience, paid actors or in this case the sycophantic press corps, to help create a sense of urgency. Because in any con you dont want the chumps to have time to think about what they're doing. Its always super super urgent. Act NOW! before its TOO LATE! Operators are standing by!

I saw a good example of it yesterday afternoon as I watched The Change Agent flog the legislative merchandise in a benighted burg named Elkhorn, Indiana. What is the main industry in this rural backwater? They manufacture Winnebagos or motor homes or whatever those lumbering, road-blocking monsters are called. Actually the hybrid-driving hippies here in the wealthy silk-stocking district I live in (represented ably in Congress by Henry Waxman) have other names for these hulking vehicles but they are not printable. Suffice it to say that these ultra-libs, like all ultra-libs are well over America's love affair with the automobile (except for their own, of course). Now, this Obama guy has appointed Carol Browner, our country's leading foe of individual automobile ownership, as his environmental advisor. He represents a party which, even during last summer's fuel crisis, refused to even consider drilling for domestic oil, or exploring ways to extract oil from shale or allowing tar sand oil from Canada into the country. These guys hate the internal combustion engine.

Did that bother those morons in Elkhorn, Indiana? Nope. They were jumping up and down with glee that the stimulus bill was going to...do what? These eco-Stalinists are the sworn enemies of your community's main business you fat-faced fools! How much pork-barrel spending is it going to take to replace every job in your benighted city, you low-grade chumps? Where's the government going to get the money to do all that? Its not going to do all that. Its going to get the money to fund this and the many future monstrosities in the pipeline by printing it. There is no other way.

Thats because one particular group of suckers has been taking the amazing fat-stripping formula and are becoming concerned at the lack of results. We sometimes refer to these people as the 'international investment community'. Many of the most recalcitrant members of this community are also described as 'the Chinese Government'. These losers, already on the hook for hundreds of billions, are becoming nervous about this orgy of spending. They also are able to listen and clearly understand The Changeable One and take seriously his statement that this insane trillion-dollar nightmare of a pork-barrel spending bill is only the first of three! Three trillion dollars awarded by a pack of greedy, stupid, self-serving legislators to their friends and political cronies.

Its a recipe for total disaster. Now Obama is pushing the idea that this current contretemps is already a disaster. HA! You aint seen nothing yet. They blame Bush for the current mess, ignoring the role of the Democrats and the 'moderate' Repu-bi-cans in Congress (aka Stalinist flunkies). But there is much justice in the charge. The moribund Bush went along with every vote-buying, big government, party re-aligning scheme advanced by the cringing fatheads who inhabit the corpse of the Republican party, acquiesced in the sneaky trick which allowed the worst candidate in recent history to run at the head of that party whose rank-and-file despised his turncoat maverickosity and sat quietly and without complaint as the Dems completely dominated all political debate...leading to the election of this totally incompetent, empty- suited front man for Congressional rule.

It cant last forever. Listening to BHO's tendentious explanations of a bill he seemed to have no details of I wondered how long the lie can last, even in places as mentally incompetent as Elkhorn, Indiana. I listened to his twisted theories about how we can sit down with our Iranian friends and work out our differences and wondered how long it will take for our misunderstood Islamonazi peace partners to test their first nuke. They've already tested an intercontinental missile. Meanwhile this clown and his gawking cohorts just cut the missile defense system.

There will be a moment where this rhetoric will not work anymore, when the Elkhartians realize that they arent getting their old jobs back. Sure they'll get enough Food Stamps and unemployment insurance to keep them alive, the nationalized bank wont throw them out of their unheated house or the freezing Winnebago parked in the backyard, but it will be a cold, bleak substitute for the free, prosperous lives they threw away by voting this pack of socialist clowns into what probably will be permanent power. Post-industrial serfs in the New Dark Age Of Change.


Donna said...


Loved your Obama rant! His act is so transparent that I can't believe that supposedly bright people can't see through it.

Your animation talents are a joy to behold.

Thanks, Liz

skep41 said...

Shucks. Thanks. What's happening is so upsetting that it makes me rant. I feel burned out and depressed afterwards.