Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ACORN Census

The odious Obamanoids, in their quest for brain-damaged Re-pyub-i-cans to give bi-partisan cover to their outrages against the Constitution, dredged up the 'dead man walking' Senator from the newly 'Blued' state of New Hampshire and offered him the cushy sinecure of Secretary Of Commerce. Now, Our First Black President (the always lovable BJ Clinton) appointed one of his many political bag-men, Ron Brown, to this laudable post. Brown's role at Commerce added up to directing revenue streams into the Clinton's many slush funds and offshore bank accounts. It seems that his self-respect and his trust for the Clintons was beginning to suffer when his incumbency was ended by a tragic plane crash in Bosnia, which no one suggests was engineered by The Clintons even though it served their purposes very nicely. Brown was replaced by the scrupulously honest (giggle, giggle) Bill Richardson. Commerce is just not a post for an honest man. In fact its a job for a mold-encrusted political hack on the make.

But if you cant find a mold-encrusted political hack on the make then pick a rural nudnick with an oddly-shaped skull named Judd. Since the Dems managed to change New Hampshire's voter registration laws to make it possible for anyone to show up on election day, swear that they intend to move to New Hampshire and register and vote that day the Republicans, who meekly allowed this travesty of the voting laws to be enacted, have become an endangered species in that underpopulated, mountainous sliver of New England.

So I guess the Dems looked at the oddly-shaped skull of this Judd and remembered that as a New Hampshire Republican he sat silently by while the voter registration laws in that state were turned into a joke and figured Judd was a bi-partisan, go-along-to-get-along kinda guy. They were probably genuinely surprised that he had objections to the President's Stalinist chief of staff reaching in to take effective control of the 2010 Census away from the Commerce Secretary so he could organize the counting under the political control of the Marxist zealots in the White House.

"So what?" you might ask. You just send the forms out and then collect them, right? Wrong. If you're a leftist nothing is ever that simple. You see, these guys have rejected the Newtonian arithmetical certainties of 'counting' American Citizens and replaced them with the truly Einsteinian concept of relative abstract formulization as you 'estimate' the number of the unfairly uncounted. In other words the leftists have determined that the Great Big Right-Wing Conspiracy has Conspired to undercount left-wing populations. Some would suggest that left-wingers are overcounting Right-Wing conspiracies.

Inventing fake voters to pad their 'majorities' in elections is long-time Democratic Party tradition. Boss Tweed, Richard Daley; the urban machines were always dominated by Democrats as were the rural precincts of the deep South and the halt, the lame, and the dead were an important part of the coalition. In a more modern mode we have seen close elections subjected to recount after recount. In each recount new votes for the Democrat are mysteriously 'found' and groups of ballots favoring the Republican candidate (such as absentee military ballots) are 'disqualified'. Al Gore, Chris Gregoire in Washington State, and the odious and unspeakable Al Franken in Minnesota all have disturbingly similar patterns pointing to a set of procedures that are triggered by close elections. The Republican's mistake is believing that a sense of civic responsibility, decency and respect for the law lie behind the actions of their opponents.

So now the Dems want to tweak a few rotten boroughs filled with winos, schitzos and illegal aliens all casting an absentee ballot for the appropriate Demo candidate by 'estimating' how big those 'undercounted' populations. This from the same crowd who told us that there were millions of homeless and that they were formerly middle-class families driven into the cold by the heartless Reagan policies. Crowds of freezing, ragged wretches who decently disappeared when Bill Clinton was president and never seemed to reappear even in the Dark Night Of Bush. Where did these hundreds of thousands of homeless go?

They never existed. Sure there are homeless people out there. Tens of thousands of them. Millions? I guess one opinion is as good as another unless you actually count them. But thats the opposite of what is being proposed now. We are just supposed to assume that the number that the geniuses in Washington decide on is correct. So a bunch of people who have shown their contempt for the integrity of the electoral system are going to give us apolitical and non self-serving 'estimates' of populations where inflated numbers serve their political interests?

I just went to see the movie 'Frost/Nixon' and was struck by the vindictive, nasty quality of the fake outrage. If you compare Nixon to Clinton the contrast is stark. Nixon's misdemeanors appear furtive and petty compared to the brightly lit felonies of the Clintons. Its OK to lie, its OK to take bribes, its OK to use the IRS to persecute people you dont like, its OK to copy secret personnel files and then dump the information in the media when you're in trouble, its OK to trump up felony charges against innocent White House employees, its OK to hamstring police and intelligence agencies who might be concerned at the amount of money from foriegn governments you are receiving, its OK to attack foreign countries for domestic political purposes and its OK to lie under oath to a federal district judge in a sexual harassment case.

The Dems have gone along with it all. They've abandoned any concept of honor or decency. The law is a joke to them; especially the US Constitution. One of their current manias is a complete violation of the First Amendment. Government control is proposed for the internet and talk radio. The skunks who are seriously talking about this are the most loathsome group of thugs and apparatchiks who have reared their heads this side of Caracas. It shows their contempt for the law and their contempt for the rights of others. They dont want to be held to account for the results of their policies. They know how much people are going to have to suffer for their high-falutin social engineering schemes. They know they have to create rotten boroughs, stuff ballot boxes with phony absentee ballots, and stifle any criticism so they can remain in power when the standard of living starts to drop like a rock.


Frank Gerratana said...

Did you hear that Obama came out in opposition to the fairness doctrine?

skep41 said...

Yes, but when Pelosi and Reid push a bill through the legislature that empowers 'activists' (now funded by the 'stimulus' bill to challenge the broadcast licenses of stations that the government doesnt like (similar to Venezuela) and makes license renewal a yearly occurance or adds some other layers of Byzantine rules that make it impossible to continue in operation, it will have the same effect. Obama will sign such a bill. I love that our dumbest US Senator and most fervent pusher of the 'Fairness Doctrine', Debbie Stabinow, is married to the guy who was the genius behind Air America. Revenge is sweet. That pesky First Amendment can easily be ignored because, since the government regulates the airwaves (to keep people from broadcasting on the same frequency) that means, by implication, that it owns the airwaves. How can you be happy with a political party who wants to use the power of government to muzzle its opposition? How can you be happy with a political party that wants to use 'sampling' to rig the census statistics? That also seems to stretch the Constitution to its limit and beyond.