Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Wont Fail

My sister sent me an e-mail where she said that she was having nightmares about standing in a soup line in the not-too-distant future. I wrote back and told her not to worry.

Look around and see the U2 sweatshirts on some of your fellow line-members and smile to yourself. Maybe you'll see a few sad-sack 'Live Better Work Union' logos still visible in the faded grimy rags of some of the crushed looking bowl-holders and be able to envision the look on their Democratic-voting formerly fat faces when they were told that their factory emitted too much greenhouse gas making unnecessary consumer products and that the Union pension fund had been lost investing in 'Green' stocks of companies that turned out be be run by crooks who were giving regular kickbacks to Chuck Schumer and the Clintons and who will therefore escape inquiry.

The way things are going the guy making the soup will probably be an out-of-work gourmet chef and he will use his effete and now useless skills to take the refuse the merciless megastate is doling out to the poor and come up with a passable bisque. The rolls will be created from a wheatshorts-sawdust mixture by a formerly famous pastry chef who now lives on a pallet of greasy rags and flea-infested straw in a corner of the shelter and fights other inmates for dropped cigarette butts on the street.

What? These upper middle class posers didnt know that when they voted in a socialist government in the last free election in 2008 they were voting for downward mobility? But...But...Bush Lied! And Mark Foley sent those terrible e-mails. Of course Obama made some mistakes and had a few unfortunate friends who made mistakes and the stimulus bill might have been a mistake and even shooting Rush Limbaugh for crimes against the state might have been a little troubling but what about The Children? And The Dolphins? And The Climate? And Cage-free Chickens? We recycled, we took cloth bags to the store so that plastic bags wouldnt make children in poor countries break out in hives, we cared about Darfur (whereEVER it is), we supported the troops (but not the mission, of course) so what did we Give-Peace-A-Chanceniks ever do to deserve THIS squalid painful day-to-day fight against dirt, hunger and disease?

Obama will not fail to install a class of ruthless, arrogant thugs at the top of society and they wont fail to lead the sheep into The New Age of...Poverty and Repression. It is always thus with socialism. The people who run it always succeed in crushing everyone else in the name of Fairness and with a false promise of free benefits. Only people completely blind to their own self-interests, who they are, how they got where they are, were things are going, what their rights are, what their moral and civic responsibilities are could have voted this coterie of miscreant, corrupt, stupid and proud-of-their-arrant-foolishness group of Al Frankenesque broken human beings into power. The middle class elected their own worst enemies and now they are going to have to pay with everything they ever thought they had a right to own. Every person contemptible enough to vote for a Barbara Boxer or an Al Franken or a Chuck Schumer or a Debbie Stabinow should hang their heads in eternal shame that they so carelessly threw away their lives because they didnt have the sense to realize you cant get something for nothing. The eternal promise of the con-man and indeed the foundation of all vice is the idea that there are no consequences for your actions. There are.

Every vote you ever made for ANY Democrat for ANY office brought you to this pass you pathetic losers. The mish-mash of junk science, junk-economics, moral vacuity, celebrity-worship and intellectual pretense without any spiritual depth has led you into a blind alley and put the most ruthless group of people in history, people who worship power, people whose Utopian savagery is a form of mental illness in charge of every molecule of your existence; or even whether you have an existence. The Rights Endowed By Your Creator were cancelled when you became too sophisticated to have a Creator and turned to The Daily Show for inspiration.

I dont care about myself, I want everybody who ever voted for a Democrat to SUFFER as their fat rich little existences are stripped away in the name of GREEN. I want the smug middle class certainty burned from their stupid brains. Yes, the smarter ones are starting to catch on...and we havent even fixed the weather yet... but the average dolts still havent put it together. And now its too late. I want them to remember the delicious food made by Evil Agribusiness on shows they saw on the Food Channel during the sunny Bush Years and weep as they gnaw the rock-hard crust of bread they were lucky to buy with their $400,000,000 daily Social Security check at the bleak, empty-shelved, government-run stores.
You who chortled so coyly as Hugo called George Bush 'Satan' now richly merit getting your surgery-nipped noses rubbed in the Venezuelan Dream as you sit, unemployed and useless, shivering in the freezing shell of the SUV you used to drive before it became your domicile, you holistic half-wit! Dig the Feng Shui! There better be some Global Warming because if there's not your ass is gonna FREEZE! Hope and Change has got you in its talons you scraps of excess population greenhouse gas generating consumerist whacko soft brained dummies suckers chumps!

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Ann said...

Wow, I inspired that? Good job. I wonder what mom would think of all this?

skep41 said...

She would curse Obama and vote for the Democrats.

RightKlik said...

The Obamaphiles are in for a rude awakening.