Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Bag Of hammers

"You boys are just dumber than a bag of hammers!" When George Clooney said that he wasnt talking about his fellow Democrats but the remark would have been very suitable if he had. Two weeks into the New Age Of Change the Democrats and their hapless leader have proven that without the political cover given them by George W Bush they stand revealed to one and all as a corrupt clique of totally selfish, incompetent socialist hacks.

It seems that to Nancy Pelosi economic stimulus is achieved by borrowing or printing a trillion bucks and handing it out to every Demo interest group in the country. There is not a single thing in this bill that that will do anything to effect the economy except the trillion-dollar price tag which will destroy the currency. The ugly reality of the greed and arrogance of the Pelosiites was such a shock that it completely unified the Republicans in the House and caused the bill to be passed without a single Republican vote. The public support for this monstrosity is melting away and the anger for its failure will be directed at the Democrats.

Meanwhile Obama goes out of his way to castigate Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, in much stronger terms than Bush used against the New York Times when it undermined our country's war against the terrorists. The result of this was to define Rush as the leading expounder of the conservative agenda. When every word he says turns out to be true its not smart for Obama to focus attention on Rush. This bill is indefensible. Everyone, including the Dems, knows it. Limbaugh saying it at a critical moment focused the opposition to it. The mainstream media has so weakened itself that the storyline cant be controlled in the way that it was during the election. And now the truth has been revealed to the Republican politicians...the Dems mean to use ACORN and their pet unions to make their power permanent. If the Repubs dont fight they will be completely locked out of the system forever.

Now the Dems are intoning the mantra that CEO salaries and bonuses should come under government control. Good, I'm all for it. These same CEOs and executives that backed these socialists so enthusiastically and connived with these same hack politicians for subsidies, favorable regulations and fat-cat contracts have to put the tricolor cockade in their hats and yell "Vive la revolution!" with a smile on their face. Jeffery Katzenburg deserves to have his pay set at $400,000 a year...about a thousandth of his current reward him for his heartfelt support for the New Age.

Keep in mind that the Card Check Bill ( the Worker Freedom Act or some such Orwellian title) just was amended to include a provision that deadlocked labor disputes will be 'arbitrated' by a government board with the power to determine 'fair wages and conditions'. In Europe these boards have traditionally been packed with leftist zealots with zero experience working at a real job. Not such fiery Marxists that the larger, well-connected employers wont be able to reach out to them with a more ancient form of materialism than that envisioned by Marx, mind you, but still pretty harshly anti-business. So the principle of the government setting compensation in the name of equity is pretty much a given amongst our new masters. They'll raise worker salaries until the companies break and have to go crawling to the government for subsidies to protect all those jobs. Back door nationalization.

Obama also wandered into exciting new ground with his remark that businesses should forget about making a profit for a while for patriotic reasons. So losing money has now become virtuous. That'll jump-start the economy. That and a 99.9% pay cut ought to motivate those pesky CEOs to go out and create some jobs.

Now that he actually has a job where he's responsible for something meaningful we see that our current Illiniosian, except for his jug ears and long legs, is very unlike that other President from Illinios to whom he wants to be compared. We now have to settle down to a government run by some of the most deluded and egotistical people that any nation has ever been cursed with. They've studied history and economics with Ward Churchill and apes of his ilk and the century of socialist failure is unknown to them. How did a group of people so intellectually inadequate ever achieve power in a once-great nation? This is the fault of a completely ignorant electorate, a people no longer worthy to be citizens of a democracy. Now they'll be serfs in a tyranny run by a pack of dummies.

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