Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fix The Wages!

Reading the classics is always rewarding. Just the other day I was reading 'I Claudius' and I read a really great line. It was where Claudius had just told Augustus power-mad, homicidal widow Livia that he wasn't allowed into the Senate session where Augustus was declared a god. Livia replied:

"They wont let me in because I'm an old woman and you because you're a fool but I always thought that the Senate was composed of nothing but old women and fools."

Now Graves probably lifted this line from Suetonius but this is the age of Dolores Kearns Goodwin so like, who gives a rat? The important point is when you compare this 2,000 year old remark with our current US Senate the premise of the statement still works.

Now dont be distracted thinking I might be some kind of sexist and that I'm referring to the likes of Barbara Boxer when I repeat a quote that describes some Senators as 'old women'. Nothing could be further from the truth. California's Trotskyite, mustachioed, dwarf (4' 9") Senator is not an old woman; she is an insane fool. The 'climate fixing' bill she is pushing will leave the non-Senatorial segment of the population of this country in grinding poverty for the rest of their lives when it passes.

'Old Women' is more apt in the case of those Senators, take Richard Lugar for example, who have neutered themselves in the face of the New Change Revolution and are eager to lend their bi-partisan imprimatur to leftist outrages like the one mentioned above. Didn't he vote for that Lilly Dinglehammer bill that opens up the last two centuries of employment to the litigation vultures in the name of gender pay equity? But as soon as the public caught on to the giant Congressional trillion-dollar stimulus swindle Lugar got cold feet and ran the other way, discovering a long-buried conservative streak in his trembling RINO heart. In fact I think I should apologize to regular old women, some of whom have more guts than anybody, that I had the nerve to use their proud appellation to refer to this sniveling girlie-man. Blame Livia, ladies, not me.

Meanwhile, below decks, Nancy and The Gang are beating the drum at a faster pace and whipping the hapless House Democrats, many only there as a result of Gerrymandering and ACORN phony ballots, to row at ramming speed toward the moribund wreckage of the US economy. While the Senators riot in alternating waves of panic and confusion up on the deck and Michele peels the seemingly detached BHO another grape in the Presidential Party Pad above the fray the direction is being determined by the completely ruthless Pelosi.

The extent of the Senate's ambitions was to propose the odiferous Uriah Heep of American politics, the slimy Tom Daschle, to be Commissar Of Health Care and Czar of HHS. What surer guarantee of fat consultancies and jobs for useless relatives of the Senatorial Class could there be? They didn't even notice that there was a giant conflict of interest caused by Daschle's $83,000 a month-type 'consultancies' with giant health-care conglomerates. They were genuinely shocked and outraged that anyone could question this guy's probity just because he 'forgot' to pay taxes on a few of his $83k paychecks (was he paid monthly or weekly?) and the chauffeur-driven limo that was thrown in for good measure. The overpaid and parasitic nature of the job itself would be bad enough to disqualify him in most people's eyes, let alone the unpunished tax evasion.

But what did he do wrong ask the Inside The Beltwanians? Isn't that what everyone in Washington dreams of? Its like people in Hollywood dream of getting $20 mil for six weeks of work on the set; with the screaming and the tantrums thrown in for free. Dont executives in every industry dream of the Big Bonus, the giant goose-egg of cash laid in their bank accounts regardless of company or personal performance?

But the Big O has the solution. Government wage controls. Its true, some people who read this blog before the election might be confused by my former conservative views but since then I've got my mind right. If the Lilly Dinglehammer Bill can open up all wages to de facto government control then lets do just that. Obama mentioned a $500,000 cap on all executive compensation and I'm backing him to the hilt! Lets strip those leftist foundations who avoided parking all their assets with Madoff of every penny in the name of equity. Lets level the morons who sucked up all this leftist rhetoric in college and thought that it applied to somebody else. At least poor people have the excuse that they're ignorant of the results of socializing the economy but that point is harder to make when you've got an MBA from Rutgers or Princeton.

"Listen, Meryl, bubbalah, I'd love to pay you 5 mill for your next flick, honest! But its against the law. Since you're in three films this year I can only offer you $165 thou..."

Those Hollywood dummies were the most fervent Bush-haters, the most zealous leftists, the most heartfelt Obama-enthusiasts and now Hollywood lays trembling in the path of a money-hungry State and Federal monster that will move to sack 'the Stars' obscene wealth in the name of equity like Alaric and the Visigoths looted the degenerate, wealthy ancient Romans. Lets use the $4.5 mil we dont pay to Meryl to help The Children.

This is just the beginning. A legislative wave of destruction more powerful than the tsunami that devastated Thailand and Sumatra is on the way to Obama's desk for his compliant signature. The Senate is currently 'fixing' the stimulus swindle by removing a couple of high-profile trivialities and larding it with a couplehundredbillion dollars more much-needed 'programs' and subsidies to those stumbling fools in left-wing advocacy groups and legal consultancies too slow-moving to get a line in the House bill. These shameless boneheads are presenting a picture of the most churlish selfishness and incompetence in a national emergency that could be conceived of; behaving as we always knew the Democrats would when they grabbed power. The snappy-suited doofus in the Oval Office is in on the swindle.

Thats ACORN-Democracy you chumps. And now its too late.

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