Monday, April 28, 2008

Who Dealt This Mess?

This was supposed to be the primary season that opened up the process to the people. There were no incumbents or inside candidates to stand between the will of the people and the interests of the party hacks. So how have we ended up with a liberal maverick, despised by the vast majority of his own party and already showing himself well-deserving of that contempt; a mean, low-playing, corrupt former first lady whose made-up anecdotes, penchant for political revenge and lawless behavior and increasingly unhinged husband has burned away any residual liking she might have retained in the upper crust of the Democratic Party; and the Great Chocolate Chip Hope of the blacks and the loonies, now severely compromised by the Marxist and rabidly anti-American ravings of his adoptive father and his lifelong associates?
But, here we are. The more these mutts campaign the more unpopular they get. Any discussion of issues has gone by the board, the last few weeks have become a saga about who can make the worst gaffe. They take turns outdoing each other. Bill Clinton, exiled to a tour of the A&W hamburger stands in the deep sticks, occasionally goes totally non-linear at some poor hapless rube who asked what BJ considers an unfair question. Eyes bugging, finger-waving hair-standing-on-end, crazy time. Meanwhile the little woman, who proudly ran the commercial about her crisis-management abilities at three AM, explained her lying about being under fire during a visit to the Bosnian PEACEKEEPING MISSION by explaining that she was too tired to know the difference between reality and the war movies she saw in the distant past. We switch channels to McLame as he demands that the North Carolina Republican Party take down a TV ad which links the Dem candidates for governor of that state to Obama and Wright.
The conservatives, who have already had more than enough of McLame's feeble toadying to the Democrats, sent a tidal wave of contributions to the NC Repubs while McLame stood limply by wondering why no one will contribute to his RINO party. Rush and Shaun played the offending ad on a loop, giving the NC Reps about five million dollars of free air time and delivering a resounding slap to the wizened face of The Maverick.
Speaking of Obama and Wright, Wright seems to be on the Black Liberation Theology Awareness Tour, just in case there are people so brain dead that they havent gotten the message about the Marxist fever swamp that the Chocolate Chip Candidate Of Hope has emerged from. Obama is being crushed by this and has not been able to come up with any effective response as any blue collar support that his 'Politics Of Hope' had attracted in the past slips away forever.
So now the Dems are faced with nominating an unelectable Obama or a holding a convention filled with angry black and left-radical delegates which would hand the reins of the party and possibly the presidency to a candidate most of the party has learned to fear and loathe and which would probably be besieged by outraged and angry demonstrators in the streets of Denver.
So which one of these three is going to be our next president and under what circumstances?
Grave crises loom closer and closer. The bio-fuel fraud is causing starvation and chaos overseas and rapidly escalating food prices at home. The clock is running out on Medicare and Social Security, programs sure to be pushed over the edge by adding a new Health Care entitlement. All three of these candidates are offering the nation of Mexico unlimited access to federal giveaway programs for its excess population, adding greatly to the entitlement burden. Every day we dont drill for oil or we impede the construction of nuclear power plants in favor of unworkable 'green' technologies brings us closer to an energy shortfall which will shock the people who are too young to remember the chaos of 1972 and '78. State and local governments are rapidly raising taxes to the point where it wont be easy for the feds to do so without causing the whole house of cards to collapse. The three statist candidates who remain have shown that they dont have the imagination, philosophical underpinnings, leadership skills or competence to deal with any of these approaching problems. Congress is a leaderless pack of corrupt ward-heelers who are unable to focus on anything beyond conniving subsidies from the treasury for their contributors. There is no sane voice anywhere, proposing a course based on ridding ourselves of these parasites and getting in touch with policies which have been successful in the past.
Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a rocky ride.

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