Wednesday, April 30, 2008

John Wayne Obama

Once upon a time, in a place called Chicago there was a man whose main ambition in life was to be a clown. His name was John Wayne Gacy. He worked very hard at being a clown and was not a brilliant success but he was a fixture at the birthday parties of neighborhood children. These days marketing geniuses would say that Mr. Gacy had created a 'brand', a look and a style that people associated with him which defined him-- you want a safe, friendly, affordable, not-too-overwhelming clown for your child's modest birthday party Gacy was your man. But one day the police started pulling bodies out of the crawl space under Mr. Gacy's house. Bodies of young men who were apparently tortured and murdered by Mr. Gacy in his non-clown free time. Now Gacy was convicted of killing all these people but even if he had managed to beat the charges and been released back into the community his 'brand' was destroyed. Instead of thinking 'affordable, non-threatening clown' when they thought of Mr. Gacy people would always be thinking about the police pulling bodies from the crawl space.
Once upon a time in the same city of Chicago there was an ambitious politician named Barak Obama. He was a legislator of very modest achievements and vaulting ambitions. He had grown up among white people but his ethnic heritage was half black and in the elite universities he attended he was filled with the ideology of black victimization. Settling in Chicago to do some vaguely-defined 'community organizing' he allied himself with the leader of the Trinity Baptist Church, a large congregation with strong roots in the black community and one of his stepping stones to a seat in the Illinois Legislature and then, by a fluke to be a keynote speaker at the 2004 Dem Convention and a newly-elected US Senator following the self-inflicted collapse of the Republican Party in his state.
Obama had a golden voice and when the 2008 presidential derby started he declared his candidacy and began his marketing campaign. 'Change You Can Believe In!' ,'Yes We Can!', 'The Candidate Of Hope!' He quietly organized the caucus states which were being ignored by the incompetent and egotistical frontrunner whose own brand was 'More Of The Same Sleaze As Before'. Everything started humming along for Obama. The donors deserted the 'More Of The Same' campaign and flooded his campaign with cash. The media and the Dem Party establishment, sick of the Clinton Crime Family's lies and threats and afraid of their return to power stampeded towards the Candidate Of Hope.
And then something happened. The bodies started being unearthed in the crawlspace of the Obama campaign. The Right Reverend Wright popped up, as did William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn. Their unrepentant anti-Americanism, coupled with Obama's own leftist pronouncements and the fact that no one really knew who he was or where he had come from began to interfere with the branding scenario. People started looking closer as the Rev Wright hogged the camera and Obama's tongue-tied and lame explanations avoided answering the bigger question; which is, how much of this crap that your close associates believe do you believe? Obama has come up with some unconvincing answers to these questions but like Gacy the fake nose has fallen off and the makeup has smeared.
This Wright business has destroyed Obama's 'brand'. It has defined him as part of a dysfunctional black political subculture of grievance and anger that most non-blacks have contempt for. "America is evil, you're all guilty, history gives us a free pass to justify any sort of bad behavior, everything wrong with our lives is your fault"...the whole tired litany of self-pity and anger laced with Marxist economic theories and demands for cash compensation for historical injustice. Anyone who hasnt been steeped in this errant nonsense in our decayed and ruined universities feels total revulsion for this point of view and now Obama has become the poster-boy for it. He is toast, he is finished. Clinton will wallop him in Indiana and North Carolina. The party which has come to loathe her and her deranged egomaniac of a husband will be forced to accept her, just as we Republicans were forced to accept the nasty, ugly, aged, sputtering, liberal clown who was foisted on us by the sheer ineptitude and political incompetence of his opponents in the Republican Primaries. Even a damaged, shrill, not very politically savvy harridan of a socialist like Mrs Clinton, despised in her own party and hated by a majority of the black voters, should be able to dispose of a fumbling dotard like McLame without too much trouble. I've voted in every presidential election since 1972 and I've never voted for a Democrat for president but if its HRC against that feeble wreck of a McLame I'll be voting for The Girl.

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