Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life In The Ruins

This morning I was reading an article on entitled 'Where Have All The Republicans Gone?' by Gary Andres. Its the usual collection of demographic tables that essentially misses the forest because it is studying the trees too intently. The most egregious mistake that all these Inside-The -Beltway types are making is the decline of registered Republicans and a consequent rise in the number of Independents, and thinking this represents people drifting left towards the Democrats. That mistake underlies the entire premise of the McLame campaign; he thinks he will drift left with the electorate and score big. Just the fact that McLame and his advisors are so completely WRONG about something so fundamental underlines what a completely unqualified candidate for the presidency he is. The rise in Independents is a result of conservatives being appalled and shocked time and time again by the drift by the Republicans toward facilitating big government as the solution to every problem and the unwillingness of most Republicans to oppose or even debate the Democrats on any issue. As soon as there is a confrontation the left-wing media publishes a bunch of polls and the Republicans run and hide like a bunch of whipped little sissies. A large portion of the blame for this has to be laid at the feet of the party's so-called leader. Bush has spent his entire time in office being 'non-confrontational' to people who were calling him a homicidal retard. He didnt push ANWR or offshore drilling and his reward from his Democratic party-pals was to be called a tool of Big Oil. Now that we have a petroleum crunch and gas prices are rising it is, of course, Bush's fault! You can go down the line on issue after issue where Bush has turned his back on the people who elected him and sought comity with his sworn enemies. He has actively favored opportunists and non-ideological types in his appointments, and in fact left almost all the Clinton appointees in place in the CIA and State Departments, ensuring leaks and betrayals aplenty. He could have realized the destructive results of a McLame nomination on the party and recognized McLame's total unfitness both as a candidate and a president. McLame hated Bush and did everything he could to sabotage him and his fellow Republicans in the Senate. But did Bush openly or tacitly support any one of the much more acceptable and qualified candidates who were available or groom one of his own? No, the head of the party sat silent, just as he did while Dummy Hastert and Spending-Bill Frist turned the legislature into a welfare office for crooked corporate donors and a halfway house for closeted deviants.
None of it matters. This is going to be a Dem tidal wave. The crooked corporate donors and the closeted deviants are all solidly backing the Dems. All this fighting and tearing on the Dem side wont hurt them a bit; they're not arguing about the issues but about personalities and it seems certain that Obama has it locked up or will shortly. A damaged Clinton with an alienated black vote might have been a contest for a REPUBLICAN candidate, but for a sawed-off, superannuated, ultra liberal, hot-tempered aisle-crosser? Either of these extremely flawed, incompetent militantly left-wing Dems could beat McLame. What liberal in their right mind is going to vote for a liberal McLame when they can vote for a liberal Obama? Even a lot of Republicans will be voting for Obama or some looney Bob Barr third party candidate just to send a message to the arrogant hacks who promoted McLame's takeover of the party.
See you on the bread lines!

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