Friday, April 25, 2008

Demo Disaster Alert!

So the Right Reverend Wright is doing a media blitz! We're now seeing clips of an interview where angry, crackpot, Christian-hating, leftist Bill Moyers is attempting to braid his nosehairs with the ones in the Right Reverend Wright's butt. Even in this friendly enviroment we have the Right Reverend Wright pontificating, raising his hands, rolling his eyes heavenward and talking about the blood on America's hands, not as a point of contention but as a fact so obvious that it almost goes without saying. We cut to a solemn nod of assent from Moyers, obviously proud to be breathing the same air as this spiritual genius. I cant wait to see the whole interview. Or the Right Reverend Wright's speech to the NAACP. These elitist libs are so saturated with their politically correct smugness that they dont have any sense of how regular people react when they hear this kind of vile nonsense. While the elite's kids were in the snooty Private Academies, like the one Obama went to in Honolulu, our kids were toughing it out in public schools which were governed by the court order of liberal Federal judges; judges who roughly enforced every form of social engineering proposed by the radical lawyers who were filing endless briefs before them. The schools were destroyed and anyone who complained about the lack of discipline and standards was labeled a racist. We watched trillions of dollars be poured down the social services rathole; if you objected or pointed to the generations of lawless, fatherless youths who were being bred and subsidized by these corrupt and misguided programs you were labeled a racist who hated the poor. The Federal government intruded into every workplace telling bosses who they could hire and made disciplining or firing a minority a scary proposition for gutless middle managers or businessmen afraid of a lawsuit at the hands of anti-business 'public interest' law foundations or the legal hacks at the EEOC. We've been called racists lots of times and in lots of different ways and there hasnt been a thing we could do about it; if the company was big enough or if you worked for the government any disagreement with the PC status quo would land you in a 'sensitivity training' program that would teach you to grovel and apologize properly.
So now we're supposed to ignore this looney-tune Marxist flapdoodle in the name of racial harmony. Well, I'm not going to do it. The Right Reverend Wright is a hate-filled, incoherent, Marxist, grudge-holding, anti-white, anti-semitic, sniveling, poverty profiteer, and the congregation and the community who go to his church and who give him donations and awards are every bit as misguided and stupid as he is. Including star parishioner Barak Obama.
And lest you think I'm writing this because the Right Reverend Wright is black let me jot down a couple of words about Barak Obama's white friends, a group every bit as revolting as anything he could dig up in the black community. William Ayres and Benadine Dohrn are two of the most irrational and loathsome figures in this country. What other nation would so blithely tolerate two creeps who openly and fervently pray for its destruction? How are these two rewarded for their revolutionary violence and incoherent philosophy? They're college professors! Public employees. That refuse like this are considered qualified to teach anyone anything when every word they utter is steeped in the radical Marxism which has murdered hundreds of millions of people in the last century and has been seen to destroy nations from the inside out over and over again is beyond any kind of common sense. In the name of academic freedom the universities have been destroyed by a cloud of locust-like Marxists, ironically the bitter enemies of any kind of academic freedom for non-Marxists.
The media, graduates of schools where this type of professor complemented them and gave them A's for their own sophomoric leftism can only explain the objection to these people in terms of racism and ignorance on the part of the Great Unwashed. The media support Obama and they might think the Right Reverend Wright is a little 'over the top' but they're in basic agreement with everything they're both saying.
But what, for the Dems, is the alternative to Obama?
First, dumping him at this point is going to cause a STIR among the group of people who they have encouraged from Day One to think of themselves as victims of the unfair white conspiracy and have forgiven again and again for bad behavior or even outright mayhem. The Equally Reverend Al Sharpton is already threatening disruption and violence. Can a group so totally gutless and guilt-riddled as Professional Liberals go tell their black helots to go sit at the back of the convention and be quiet? Will their black constituents accept their second-class status meekly and troop to the polls to vote for the wife of the First Black President? Can these same libs look the white radical loonies who are always prone to violence in the eye and tell them to accept a fait accompli delivered by the SuperDooper Delegates?
Second, the unacceptable alternative. The Clinton Crime Family is well known for their penchant for mafia-style revenge. And the list is long. Donors, pet journalists and party hacks who jumped ship and dared to criticize 'The Legacy' are right at the top. None of these guys wants Dragon Lady and her shady crewe of sycophants in charge of the IRS and the Justice Department with the Patriot Act at their beck and call. The Clints have paid dearly in the Democratic Party and the nation for their take-no-prisoners tactics, their lies, now made transparent by a suddenly hostile media, and their general unlikability under pressure.
She's damaged goods. A coup d'etat that gave her the nomination would certainly alienate the blacks and the youth vote and leave her to fight out the election among blue collar whites with McLame, who has none of her radical plans for government expansion or her long history of sleaze and corruption.
So the Dems now have two weak and damaged candidates. Every day makes them more unelectable. A chaotic convention will seal the deal. McLame is the luckiest guy since Ringo Starr. Lets see if he can screw it up.

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