Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Giant Gay Pander

"Clinton said she and her husband have many gay friends that they socialize with when they get the chance. "I've got friends, literally, around the country that I'm close to. It's part of my life," she said."

Yes, its election time! Gays arent as numerous as a lot of other groups who get a lot less attention but they are very politically active and an especially open-handed group when it comes to making campaign contributions. So now, with the candidates as hungry for money as a junkie going through withdrawal symptoms, the gay pander is on!
Now we are going to have to admit that the thought of John McLame 'going across the aisle' to make a play for the gay vote is enough to turn the stomach of any red-blooded American, gay or straight; McLame just doesnt have much Gay Appeal. He doesnt have much Straight Appeal. Let's face it, this mutt is just downright unappealing. Because he's appalling. But thats another post. But there is a group in the gay community who live lives of quiet desperation, unable to reveal themselves and openly announce their proclivities lest they be covered in shame and scorn and even physically assaulted. Yes, I'm talking about Gay Republicans. Some people, regardless of their sexual orientation, notice that liberalism doesnt work and generally leads to disaster. They hate high taxes, they hate overregulation, they reject social engineering schemes and plans to install central economic planning in the name of fixing the weather and generally find the whole panoply of liberalism unconvincing. They have two problems. Left wing gay activists consider any form of conservatism, no matter how thoughtful and inclusive, to put one in active cahoots with the 'God sent AIDS to punish gays' psychotics and any conservative views fill them with rage. The other problem is that the party that up until recently stood for conservative values also includes many 'God sent AIDS to punish gays' psychotics. But their problem has been solved by McLame and the current crop of Republican leaders who are enthusiastically renouncing conservatism, relieving gay conservatives of any obligation to support anyone. Just like straight conservatives. We all just need to shut up.
But thats not where the REAL action is in the gay community. Its with the Dems. Now you would think that Obama would have a natural 'leg up' with the gay community. He's tall with handsomely chiseled features. Manly. His speeches are filled with hope for the future and imply a new, happy world to come. The kind of stuff that idealists and gay activists love to hear.
Except. What do you think The Right Reverend Wright says about gays in his friendly little sermons? The truth about black politics is that while they tend to be far to the left concerning issues of governance and policy black Americans are very socially conservative. They are anti-abortion and anti-gay. Very anti-gay. Obama, almost totally unknown except for his association with The Right Reverend Wright, is linked closely to the mainstream of political thought in the black community. The anti-gay mainstream.
Which brings us to the Clints. As the quote above illustrates Miz Hilly and the gang will go to any length, say any thing, crawl as low as they need to crawl to get the nomination. I expect Bill to announce that he tried being gay once but that he didnt inhale. The Clints are also not ones to be turned off by promiscuity or kinky sex practices; Bill could campaign in the steamrooms of the most notorious urban bathhouses without batting an eye. But thats not the real reason that Clinton III has a handle on the Gay Vote. Obama is DAD, the father who rejected them and treated them with contempt; Hilly is MOM, the stern but controlling matriarch who understood. She looks down on her children and smiles.

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