Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Philly Redux

So Thrilly as Hilly returns to Philly! Yes, the City Of Brotherly Love, where Traitor Russert launched the illegal alien driver's license question that began Mizz Hilly's long slide towards irrelevance and unpopularity. Now she's back on stage in a debate that her wildest dreams of a year ago never envisioned; the nerds, the droolers and the chronic losers all sent home in disgrace, stripped down and fighting for her political life against the lean, up-and-coming New Kid. But even her desperate situation couldnt make Hilly adhere to the truth:
"Regardless of the differences there may be between us, and there are differences, they pale in comparison to the differences between us and Sen. [John] McCain,"
No they dont. You're all a pack of Big Government libs and you know it. Any minor differences these socialists might have with McLame would be overcome by his Dem Senate buddies twisting his arm after he's elected. Also, what differences are there between these two Stalinists; the only thing they're arguing about is which one of them institutes the Five Year Plan. Its like Stalin and Trotsky, not a dime's worth of difference between them.
And what fun George and Charlie were having! It was like the two guys at a cockfight that hold the roosters in their hands while they bump the bird's heads together to get them killing mad.
One of the most wonderful things about this endless primary is the media has lost all its inhibitions against going after liberals. After all, with all the candidates on the far left (except maybe McLame who might possibly be on the near left) they're going to have to get used to taking out their pissant bile on whoever's available. So far they've managed to strip the aura of wonderfulness from America's First Black President and stood back and let him be revealed as a petty, grudge-filled, greedy, lying, power-mad kook as he erupts into tirades at hapless college students and voters who ask him an unwelcome question. With his eyes bugging out of his red face framed by that weird stand-up white hair he looks like another Clinton, George Clinton, after his crack arrest. So much for Legacy Boy.
The best howler of the evening was when Gibson asked the debaters whether 'The Dream Ticket' , one of them as VP on the other one's ticket, was a possibility. Total Silence. I hoped that they had patted these two down for weapons before they let them on the stage. Its pretty clear that having the other one around for four years, competing with them for media face-time, is not what either of these two are dreaming of.
So, then the debate degenerated to a discussion of 'the issues'. Who cares. Nothing these dopes ever say during a campaign actually happens so why subject yourself to the insane boredom of listening to whatever permutation of Stalinist economics has focus-grouped the best this week.
They're going to dismantle our military, hand out cash to all and sundry and nationalize whatever industries they can get their grasping hands on. Remember, everything that the socialists have gotten their hands on for the last hundred years has turned into a total disaster. Now they want more input into energy, health care, pharmaceuticals and finance. If they get it we're in for some seriously hard times.
So who won the debate over which one gets to wreck the country? Its hard to tell. Hillary is hoping that the blue collar oafs who vote Democratic in Pennsylvania decade after decade as their jobs flee the anti-business, high-tax environment which results from that, will be racist enough to be scared by quotes from Obama's book and the Rev Wright into voting White. Obama is hoping that a solid black vote combined with enough glassy-eyed, granola-eating, left-wing, fanatical loonies and swooning college students can finally put a stake through the heart of the Undying Candidate. Only the polls will tell!

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