Monday, September 7, 2009

Laborious Day

Well, President Barry is slinking back from Marxists Vineyard to try it one more time. The fact that he is going to do a couple of speeches to 're-introduce' what turned out to be a total political disaster shows what a clueless megalomaniac he is. One of the political forefathers of Obamunism, Joseph Stalin, used to describe actions like this as 'like laying poultices on a dead man'. It shows you how sagacious Stalin was in not only describing the futility of Obama's political strategy but also describing what the health care system will be like if the Obamunists get their Marxist hands on it.

But not even a miracle will save this gaggle of hapless leftists from their political doom. They looked on the demise of Fat Teddy as just such a miracle but they didnt even get a bump in the polls from the Liberal Lion's well-hyped kicking of the bucket because their opponents were able to point out that Fat Teddy received a whole lot better care under the Senate health plan than he would have if he had been subjected to ObamaCare. Obamacare would have driven him off the bridge muy pronto and saved the resources so they could hire a few more paper-shufflers to process his death forms while he gasped for air. Here Ted, have a pain pill! The English newspapers talking about four thousand women having babies in the corridors or bathrooms of the overcrowded NHS hospitals and the deliberate killing of terminal patients in some of those same hospitals, spread by sites like the Drudge Report, cant have helped the Obamunists calm the fears of the AARP-tards in this country.

The fact is the Democrats are suffering from the results of their deceitful electioneering of last year, or should I say the last seventy years. 'We're not crazy leftists, we're moderates!' goes the line. Of all the lies the Obamunists tell, and the catalog of their mendacity is fatter than the Manhattan phone directory but with smaller print, that is the most outrageous. But with the help of a bum-crawling media that would pass muster in North Korea or Cuba while still considering itself 'objective' the Dems have been able to spin that lie for decades. The Republiclowns have lent a hand by their own lie, that they are conservatives instead of a gaggle of larcenous cronies of overinflated corporations headed by people so inept and so larded with bureaucracy and waste that they might as well be run by the government.

Obamunism triumphed in a rosy-tinged glow of 'Hope And Change'. He only had one or two stump speeches. If you watched CSPAN during the election Obama was the most boring candidate ever to take the national field, never progressing from his vague chicanery to explain who he is or what he would do. He was lucky in his opponents; the screeching harridan ex-wife of a philandering liar leaving a slimy trail of crooked Chinese cash behind her as her slug-like campaign oozed across the landscape and the senile old duffer who won the nomination by a political shell game and who incoherently led a party whose grass roots hated his guts. The Republiclowns were so uninviting that many people just stayed home while the Marching Morons, giddy on the political nitrous oxide of Hope And Change, danced to the polls to give Barry their love and to give more of that love to the Democrat 'moderates' further down the ballot.

But here we are, only nine months later, with Obama's poll numbers lower than whale poop and the numbers of the Democraptic Congress in the same fish-tank with his. His Commissar of Green Jobs has been forced to resign because of his crackpot, racist, left-wing, Jeremiah Wright-like babbling. The Science Commissar has been revealed to have written a book advocating forced sterilizations and abortions and the elimination of people too old to contribute to the coffers of the state. Barry's Secretary Of Energy wept fat fulsome tears and brought down curses on the Deniers who would dare to oppose the Obamunists' economy-crushing Crap On Trade bill on the selfish grounds that it would plunge the entire country into a Tanzania-like poverty. The newly-empowered class of regulators wants to bully everyone in every way, from telling us to replace our cheap, harmless light bulbs with expensive poison-filled ones, to telling us what kind of food to eat or beverage to consume. These cretins want to replace oil drilling, coal and nuclear power with a few million windmills and solar panels. 24 karat idiots, the lot of them; and totalitarian bullies to boot.

But there is only one real issue. Its the economy stupid. They've been bragging about how different they are from the horrible Bushies. But where's the beef? The official lying Obamunist figures admit to ten percent unemployment but other calculations, based on underemployment and number of hours worked, tell a much sadder story. The blaming of the Bush Administration is still going on but these guys passed a trillion-dollar Porculous Bill and have been pouring money into the system through the Federal Reserve's 0% lending rate, halting the slide for the moment but storing up much bigger problems for the future.

The not-too-distant future. As government spending has skyrocketed there has been a corresponding plunge in revenues. Crises in Medicare and Social Security which had been comfortably relegated to 'the out years' have been moved closer by the plunging revenues into the 'in' years. Like next year. There is nothing that will stop the coming tidal wave of inflation; the usual remedy of jacking up interest rates not being an option in an economy that is already broken. The housing crises that brought this mess on was based on the Clinton-Frank scheme in the 90's to issue worthless mortgages to people who couldnt pay them back in a million years. The coming crises will be based on the US government issuing worthless bonds that cant be paid back in a million years and then creating more phony money to 'monetize' the debt. This viciously anti-business administration and the predatory tax-addicts running most state and local governments make any economic recovery and rise in revenues totally impossible. When people talk of hyper-inflation they always point to Germany in the 1920's but that isnt a good model. A better one is Mexico in the 1980's. The same anti-business, high-tax, anti-freedom socialist policies that we are putting in place here were in place there. The Venezuelan economy, the one that got such applause at the Venice Film Festival this weekend as that insanely boring totalitarian puke of a filmmaker Oliver Stone unveiled his hagiography of the Marxist thug Chavez, is awash in the same poverty and inflation that these policies always cause.

So Barry can go on TV like Billy Mays (why did he die?) and tub-thump for BarryCare but it wont do him any good. The magic is dead and laying poultices on it wont bring it back to life, as Founding Father Joe so aptly said. Some new Commissar will be revealed saying some even more outrageous slanders against this country, the unemployment numbers will rise, the deficit, already quadrupled under Obamunism, will quadruple again. Nutsy Pelosi will insist on adding political poison pills to the Health Care bill that will enrage even more people. Crap On Trade will wend its way into law. Until Barry sacks Axelrod and Emmanuel, with their giggling joy not to waste a disaster, his numbers will head for oblivion and he'll take the rest of the Democraptic liars down with him. The country, which had forgotten the Carter mess, will be inoculated against this utopian stupidity until a new gullible generation arises to follow another Messiah over the cliff and once again AmeriKKKa's Chickens Will Come Home To Roost!

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