Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dont Say Nuthin'

Now that the power-drunk Barak has driven health care off the bridge and it's sinking into the turgid, murky waters will he step on Fat Teddy's face to get free of the doomed vehicle and save himself? Will he make up some preposterous lie so he can come downstairs the next morning and pretend that the whole thing never happened and that he was never involved? It would be a fitting tribute to Fat Teddy's career in wrecking this country if the liberal who is currently carrying the Marxist mantle were to shamelessly hump his corpse on the way to the cemetery for political purposes in the same way that Fat Teddy had that other corpse buried without an autopsy to hide the fact that she suffocated in an air bubblewhile him and his lawyer plotted his alibi instead of calling for help. It goes without saying that the chorus of sniveling from the hosannah-singers in the Government Run Media (GRM) will reach a high-decibel shriek as they try to use Fat Teddy's mouldering corpse as a reason to steal a little bit more of our freedom. The freedom that Fat Teddy tried with every fiber of his drunken body to limit and tax and take away while he was alive. Things like the immigration bill in the 1960's that changed the criteria of admission from skilled workers to unskilled and finally the McLame-Kennedy Amnesty Bill in 2007, which basically repudiated the concept that the United States was a soveriegn nation with a border that could be enforced. How many outrages did this Enemy of our country perpetrate? In the 1980's, during Ronald Reagan's deployment of Pershing missiles in Western Europe to counter the Soviet's deployment of the much more powerful SS-20's Fat Teddy wrote a letter to Brezhnev asking how they could work together to stop Reagan. He supported the Sandanistas and opposed any aid to any ally of our country who was fighting for their survival against communist aggression. In foreign policy he always opposed America's interests. He worked hand in fist with the ACORN type activist groups who have now emerged, maggot-like, into the sunlight to feast on the ruins of our constitution and openly plot to destroy our democratic institutions. There was never a tax he didn't want to raise, never a regulation he didn't want to impose. The 'No Child's Left Behind' education bill basically federalized education and has caused chaos and a decline in literacy. His legislative record is one of complete support for totalitarianism. His Senatorial staff was involved in every legislative outrage foisted on this hapless nation for the last forty years and this band of malignant leftists were involved in trumped-up investigations that hounded his political opponents into bankruptcy.

This is a day when we are all supposed to be respectful and point out what a paragon was this inheritor of the phony, cheesy Camelot aura that the PR dolts dreamed up to pump up his incompetent brother. The media will be ignoring the murder, the lies, the coke-snorting, the wild parties, the rapes. Once when a telephoto shot of Fat Teddy porking one of his many groupies in a boat off the Florida coast was circulated in the Senate Howell Heflin, the Foghorn Leghornish Senator from Alabama remarked, "I see Senator Kennedy has changed his position on offshore drilling!" But he hadnt, not for us faceless idiots who are forced to drive our non-government provided cars to work. He opposed any expansion of our energy resources and fought to lock away greater and greater tracts of our country from energy exploration. But when it came time to build some Green windmills that might have been visible from his estate on Marxist Vineyard Fat Teddy threw a tantrum. The windmills were never built. He epitomized to a T the elitist arrogance of the class of geniuses who are better than us teabagging dolts. He was even caught cheating his way through Harvard, that festering crown jewel in America's sick university system. He almost flunked out of that boot camp for half-wits.

Are we going to switch to funeral mode and be solemn when Khalid Sheik Mohammad or Fidel Castro kicks the bucket? Not me. And this Senator, who the people of the benighted state of Massachusetts felt happy reelecting to an effective lifetime term, was no less an enemy of freedom and our country than either of those two. Think of the role of his staff in the shameful Clarence Thomas lynching before you shed a tear for this long-time member of the judiciary committee. Our nominees were treated with contempt and smeared as racists and criminals. Think of the lack of civility the left extended to qualified, respectable people who were subjected to those attacks before you forgive their author because he happened to stop breathing. In his death we should pay him back with that same lack of civility him and his rancid allies have always extended to us and use that wonderful line by that black comedienne from the 1960's Moms Mabley:
"My momma used to tell me, 'If you cant say nuthin good about the dead dont say nuthin'.
He's dead...GOOD!"

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