Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shame On Us!

In the summer of 1938, unarmed and confronted with a well-armed aggressive dictator Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich and caved in to the demands of Adolph Hitler. Chamberlain was in a tough spot. His country was almost completely defenseless against the Germans, who had spent the five previous years rearming themselves while the rest of Europe ignored them and trusted to Hitler's good intentions and law-abiding instincts. The year or so that Chamberlain bought by feeding the fresh corpse of Czechoslovakia to the hungry Nazi wolf made a huge difference once the inevitable war broke out. Even so, his actions, which turned millions of helpless people into totalitarian slaves and encouraged Stalin to make a deal to divide eastern Europe with Hitler, have become a byword for spinelessness and cowardice.
Are we going to let the gold cup for shame and cowardice rest in the hands of some lanky, weaselly foreigner? No way, Jose! When it comes to lanky, weaselly, traitorous, cowardly, belly-crawling morons America is now NUMBER ONE!

Barak Obama has, in less than a year, proven himself to be the worst president this country has ever had. He and his radical associates have spit on this country and its traditions, done end runs around the Constitution or just flat out ignored it. This same pack of radical cretins has severely damaged the economy with their Marxo-Keynsian stimulationism and are literally papering over their malpractice with a flood of monopoly money pouring like a Niagara from the Federal Reserve and a flood of worthless debt pouring from the treasury. The dollar sinks slowly as its position as the world's reserve currency erodes in a sea of worthless paper and misguided anti-business, anti-growth policies. Barry has shown that no amount of traitorous or nonsensical utterances is a bar to high office in this leftist regime, no amount of criminality is a bar to receiving a federal subsidy as long as you've got you mind right.

But today they have crossed the Rubicon, a stream swollen with the tears of the peace-creep snivelers and accomodationists, who, since the Russian Revolution, have counseled timidity and understanding in the face of a gang of ruthless Marxist criminals who have killed more people than Adolph Hitler or any other dictator. Barry has decided to not deploy the missile shield that had been promised to Europe to defend them against their friendly neighbors in Iran and the Post Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin, smug KGB dictator of the PSU (Post Soviet Union) can give a happy wink of triumph. His nation might be in the last stages of crumbling in a demographic disaster that started with Stalin's mass murders, his economy only propped up by hydrocarbon exports. He might be surrounded by nations who hate him and his country with every fiber of their beings for the bloody crimes and endless humiliations inflicted on them during the Soviet Empire. The population of ethnic Russians, decimated by drink, abortions and despair, might be disappearing as soaring Muslim birthrates turn Russia into an Islamic country. It must be a ray of light in a time of extreme weakness, as Stalin's chickens are coming home to roost, for a slimy little tinpot potato-republic macho strongman like Putin to be handed a triumph like this by the sympathetic Obamunists in Washington and their gormless leader Barry.

Of course, this wasnt the result of any actions Little Vlad The Impuner actually took. This shameful retreat was engineered not by a craven politician faced with a much more powerful adversary, like Chamberlain, but a by an idealistic and ignorant claque of fatheads who has made crawling on their bellies before foreign dictators a lifestyle! Read 'Winter In Moscow' by Malcolm Muggeridge if you want some insight into the mentality of these half-wits. They havent changed in seventy years. All the cretinous idealism, all the fulsome stupidity and the heartless disregard for the results of their enlightened actions on other people is blatantly apparent in this crop of geniuses...except they're running the government. Slow Joe Biden reacted to questions from the Euro press by blithely stating that Iranian missiles arent a threat and that their nuclear program is overrated. After I finish writing this I'm going to get a shovel and start digging a fallout shelter in the side of my hillside and start studying the Koran.

So, while the courageous and unexpected actions of the Teabaggers have, for the moment, dealt a hearty setback to the domestic agenda of Obamunism, in foreign policy the clouds gather, encouraged by our inaction or actual connivance with the forces of Evil. The arrests of the interrogators at Club Gitmo are announced as the bloodthirsty terrorists are supplied with photographs of undercover operatives by the ACLU for them to murder as soon as the Obamunist judges in the Federal District courts apologize to them and set them free. The Somali pirates run amok, and now unreported, as the largest navy on the planet refuses to protect the shipping lanes from the Middle East. In that context we have now turned our back on NATO and told the defenseless Euros that any Iranian missiles or military action by the PSU are not our problem. These weak, cringing, 'post-military' welfare states are on their own and surrounded by armed violent thugs who hate their guts and covet their wealth.

What a joke! Europe, in the throes of a demographic collapse as dramatic as the one in the PSU, is unable to muster any sort of defense from its aging and cosmopolitan (selfish and cowardly) inhabitants. All it will take is one domino to be pushed, an Italy or a Spain perhaps, and a three thousand year culture will be over, killed dead as a doornail by welfare-state socialism. The empty ruins of that culture will be inhabited by a degenerate race of pygmies as ignorant of what had been there before as the people who dwell in the ruins of Palenque or Chichen Itza.

Here in America we now have a president who is more foolish and naive around bloodthirsty dictators than FDR, meaner and more dishonestly nasty to his political opponents than the curmudgeonly Truman, more arrogant and lawless than the over-hyped mediocrity JFK, more free-spending than the spendthrift bully LBJ, more cavalier and negligent with his nations defense and foreign policy than the mentally retarded Jimmy The Jerk and yes, more corrupt even than Billy Goat Clinton (!). My heart sinks as I look at him stumping around the country, mouthing his foolish lying platitudes, unable to answer a single honest question about any of his policies or associates and I wonder how 53% of the nation could have been stupid enough to vote for this guy and the idiots who have sway in the Senate and House.

Is this government some kind of punishment by a malicious God who wants mankind to suffer? How have people so foreign to any kind of honor, honesty or plain common sense risen so high in a country that used to pride itself as being composed of individualists, proud of their independence and freedom and ready to rise to defend it? Maybe the lefties are right, everyone in the world loves America when they look at Barry the Wonderful President. Thats OK, those foreign idiots will pay for their stupidity when they realize that America is over and gone from their lives and the non-threatening Iranians and Russians are moving in to fill the power vacuum.

I have to say, that on this day of humiliation and weakness, that I am ashamed of my country and what it has become. Stupid greedy pig voters tricked into giving total power to slimy, lying, leftist ideologues. A country dancing happily, well, maybe not so happily, down the road to poverty, humiliation and dictatorship. There is an opposition but when someone rises and tries to tackle the problems that are strangling our society they'll be crushed by the GIMME! crowd that squeals like the swine they are at the thought of any lessening of the government slop handouts. Even as those handouts are adulterated by worthless currency they wont question the wisdom of the direction society has taken, they'll only snort and squeal for ever more and more of the tasty garbage. By the time we arrive at the bottom, too late to change direction, the only option will be a 1984-style interactive dictatorship. The dream of the utopians will have come true and a new Dark Ages will descend on the remnants of humanity that survive the crash.

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