Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wisdom Of The Ages

The collection of the corniest, most hackneyed proverbs, the ones that make you smack your forehead when they emerge from the mouth of some dummy, is actually a collection of the accumulated wisdom of mankind. After all, most of the 'correct' ways to behave are well known. You shouldn't need a ton of Bible study to know that the stuff in the Ten Commandments isn't religion but just plain common sense. Easy to say, harder to follow, but undeniably true.

There might be some relativist arguments that say its OK to steal (or make your victim 'pay his fair share') or people who aver that elephants occasionally forget things and that a stitch in time might not save nine but there's one time-worn cliche that defies any argument. It goes like this; The Democratic Party is addicted to insane levels of spending, has a pathological fear of criticism, despises private enterprise, looks on the US Constitution as an unfair restraint against necessary government expansion, hates small business and working class white people and in foreign policy is ready to suck up to any anti-American dictator, now matter how hostile or bloodthirsty, as long as the label 'progressive' is attached.

The truth of this old shopworn cliche is proven daily. If the evidence that carbon emissions cause global temperatures to rise was as strong as the evidence that the cliche about the Democrats is true I'd be out demonstrating in the streets for more windmills and fewer oil refineries. But while there is no empirical evidence to support the assertion that carbon emissions cause temperatures to rise (carbon levels have risen for a decade as temperatures have declined) there is ample evidence, evidence that jumps out to bite you, that every word of that cliche about the Democrats is as true as if it had been written in fiery letters of gold across the sky by the hand of God.

What empirical evidence? Barry's embarrassment of a speech to the United Nations is Exhibit A. I wept. Remember that photo of the Frenchman weeping as the German National Socialists drove their Soviet-fueled tanks down the Champs Elysee in 1940? That was me as I listened to Barry's speech. Who voted for this pendejo? I might understand how there could be some half-wits wandering around in the smog who might not be aware that the entire course of human history is an unending record of one nation dominating another. If you work behind the register at 7-11 you can live your life quite happily even though you are so shockingly uninformed. Ignorance is bliss (another cliche) especially if it allows you you retain your cretinous grin while the ACORN worker helps you fill out your absentee ballot and hands you a jug of cheap wine and a carton of ciggies to reward you for doing your civic duty.

While not knowing the story of human history is unfortunate in a retail clerk its a bit more disturbing in a President. And a Congress. And a State Department. And a Press Corps. And a Financial Community. It seems that the 'best and the brightest', the people who have spent twenty years in the most exacting academic environments are as stupid as the guy behind the register at Quickie-Mart. You get what you pay for? Thats one cliche thats as true as the melting polar ice caps, which is to say demonstrably untrue. Two hundred thousand plunked down as admission to the Ivory Tower and look what it gets you, an economic adviser, Laura DeAndrea Tyson-Chicken, who did her doctoral dissertation on the economic glories of Ceausescu's Romania. How is it possible to be that stupid? Did she go there? She must have taken a cab from her hotel to a conference or something. She cant have walked down the street in Bucharest. The stewards of great economies are rarely hauled up against the wall and shot by an angry mob of their starving citizens. And the morons on the committee who didnt burst out laughing when presented with this pean to a poverty-stricken Stalinist hellhole surrounded by barbed wire and crawling with secret police but who then awarded this genius a doctorate, what a pack of grinning idiots they had to be! The janitor who mopped out the conference room was smarter than these pedigreed buffoons.

Yesterday we were confronted with the Primus Inter Pares ( first among equals, in case you have a degree from Berkeley) of a class of total morons, steeped in the noxious broth of political correctness and who now have total power. We live the nightmare of a nation that has abandoned its traditions and the commitment to human freedom and individual dignity that has made it the greatest nation ever to have existed in human history, the birthplace of an industrial technology that has the potential to free mankind from misery and want, in favor of a baleful ignorance that threatens to plunge the entire world into a new Dark Ages. The sheer folly of the Emperor Honorius, the leader who stripped the Roman Empire of its defenses, taxed it into poverty and alienated all its allies, is evident in the words and actions of Barry & Co.

They dont know anything about science or logic so their belief in the planetary catastrophe that our incandescent light bulbs will cause doesnt seem at all irrational to them. They dont know anything about history, geography or anthropology so when someone says that nations will all get together at the UN and learn to get along happily that sounds pretty good. This blank gang of award-winning 'A' student leftists are so woefully ignorant of economics that they yearn to dismantle an economic system that is the only way to sustain the world population at current levels. They can aver, with a straight face, that the way to make something like medical care cheaper and more effective is to remove the profit motive and turn it over to a gang of unionized, salaried bureaucrats. Well, it worked for the schools.

We who actually know something about history and humanity can only look on this with absolute horror in the same way that we watched the Clintons take huge bribes from a hostile Red China. But this is worse. The Clintons, even in their empty misguided Yale-educated craniums, knew that they couldnt truckle too blatantly to the monstrous dictators in China. Barry sees himself as a saviour on a crusade to make AmeriKKKa's chickens welcome as they come home to roost. He crawled and demonstrated his contempt for his country so much that when Khad-daffy-Duck, the bloodthirsty socialist and Robert Downey Junior look alike, came out with a speech with lines so laudatory of Our Barry that one almost imagined that it actually was Robert Downey Junior speaking, it was hardly a surprise. Neither was Khad-daffy-Duck's sneering insincerity as he delivered these praises. He was mocking our country, which he hates with all his angry soul, by playing on our simple-minded leader's vanity.

Faced with ruin our course of action is clear. The million people who showed up on The Mall to defeat Barry's expropriation of the medical industry have shown us the way. We all have to show up, be activists. If anyone who would vote against this madness says something like, "my vote doesnt count, they're all the same!" it is our duty to make sure they go and vote. The Republicans might not be a walk in the park but could you imagine, in your wildest dreams, of John McCain giving an anti-American speech like the one we heard yesterday? Would he have threatened Israel and encouraged Iran? Even the most liberal Republican is not going to go to Washington and vote to make Nutsy Pelosi (she's saving the planet!) Speaker Of The House. These Democrats are a menace and threaten the survival of tens of millions of people.

You think I exaggerate? I live in California, my friend. The enviro-Democrats have used the Endangered Species Act and the courts to choke off the water supply not only to the city that I live in but to the farms in the San Joaquin Valley which produce 12% of this country's agricultural products. The Governator has gone to Washington to plead with the enviro-Democrats to relent. The answer is no! 40,000 farmers are starving, their productive farms choked with tumbleweeds as Barbara Boxer, the poisonous Marxist dwarf who the dopes in this state vote for because she's good at spending public employee union slush-fund money to smear her opponents and the slimy Di-Fi block any attempt to open the taps. Today California tomorrow Iowa and Nebraska. AmeriKKKa's pesticide-riddled profit-center farms are an affront to Mother Gaia! I read that in a book by a professor at Brown University so it must be true. Lets nationalize food production like in the Ukraine in 1933. It'll be real Green.

Regrettably, more Earth-friendly farming methods might cut actual output by 90% but because we will abandon the carbon-spewing tractors and steel implements that the greedy capitalists used to make their obscene profits there will be plenty of 'green' jobs available poking the ground with a sharpened stick and placing a couple of seeds in the hole. You dont need a car to commute to that job from your Earth-friendly hut on the edge of the feild. The planet will take an even bigger step towards greenness as the excess billions who live on our greed-driven food exports bond with the depleted soil and reenter the biochemical cycle of life. The Furbush Lousewort will be saved from extinction. Not so the excess Nigerians.

So lets steal a cliche from the commies. This one was uttered by Joe Hill, as they were leading him to his execution for murder. He was said to have remarked, "Dont mourn, ORGANIZE!" Its time to drop all of our differences in the face of this menace. Anyone, pro-life or pro-choice, Ron Paulian, Pat Buchananite, libertarian dreamer, bloated capitalist, Ayn Rand objectivist, flat-taxer, country club RINO, effete Neo-Con intellectual or rough-edged gun enthusiast, whoever you hate, whoever embarrasses you to stand next to is your brother if they stand with you against this dangerous pack of Stalinists. Our survival is more important than our differences. There are NO moderate Democrats. They are ALL a menace to humanity and we have to do whatever we can to stop them. Yes We Can.

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