Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Secret Life Of Swing Voters

The Polls! The Polls! It's hopeless because of the Polls! Boo-hoo, say all the Republicans that I know, the polls are saying we're cooked! If you turn on your TV set even the 'Fair And Balanced' geniuses at Fox News are singing the same song. Obama is already meeting with his putative cabinet picks and dining on lobster and champagne at expensive hotels in the lissome company of the adoring Michelle. Out in the rest of the planet the polls are running ten to one in his favor from Lapland to Swaziland. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have announced that this election will install a 250-seat Democratic delegation in Congress and give the Dems a sixty-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. This election is going to be the biggest victory for the Democratic party since Lyndon Baines Johnson stood on the fresh grave of the Sainted JFK and painted Barry Goldwater as a Right-Wing Monster From Hades!
Isn't it?

Sure doesn't feel the same way it did in 1964. It seems like the Republicans are motivated by fear that the whole system of governance and economics that made this a wealthy country are about to be abandoned. The Democrats, what are they motivated by? Vague promises that Obama cares about The Children? His commercials are the worst I've ever seen. They don't say anything. They're the commercials of a candidate who is complacent about his coming victory and doesn't feel like he needs to explain himself to the voters--or even to attack his opponent.Its the same thing that happened after he clinched the victory against Hillary, the party started rolling before the deal was done, landing him with some embarrassing and unexpected defeats in the late primaries.

Now him and his coterie of media stooges have attacked Joe The Plumber while Palin is out there drawing gigantic crowds and calling BHO an ACORN cheater. The libs don't deign to answer those 'accusations' about massive ballot-box stuffing in the swing states. If they don't think that Americans resent a gang of Marxist criminals filing thousands of fake voter registrations then they have been at the banquet for too damned long. The backlash against this and the myriad other unanswered questions about BHO are going to haunt him on November 4th...just as Kerry's embarrassing silence in the face of the Swift Boat accusations proved them true so eloquently.

Doubt is Obama's enemy now and doubt is what the polls are showing. He's no Lyndon Johnson, breaking ahead after the convention and romping to the finish. There is no great groundswell in the nation to ensconce a socialist government with a smarmy lying radical at its head. The Joe The Plumber types have not had their questions answered at all. Instead they've seen the actual Joe The Plumber told to abandon his selfish dreams and turn over his 'excess earnings' over to the state for redistribution. And so the polls continue to show Obama ahead but well within the margin of error. What I think the polls are not showing is how soft the support he has is among the working class. These are the people who are going to bolt on that last weekend.

There isn't any sign from the Obama/mainstream media campaign that the march to nationalization is anything but on track. They exude confidence in their 2-4% margins. Anyone with doubts is obviously a closet racist, just as anyone who questions Obama's radical associations or brings up votes that he managed to cast in his disengaged career as a part-time legislator is just as obviously a secret Klan member. No one has ever tried to bring up the most glaring fact about Obama's record in the Illinois and US Senate...this guy doesn't show up for work very often. No wonder he 'spurned work in the private sector'; most bosses like to see their employees show up for work and get stuff done. No one has ever accused Barak Obama of that. He was a counselor for ACORN and the Annenburg Foundation but no one has ever confronted us with anything he ever did for them besides cutting loose a few meaty earmarks once he gained elective office. He didn't lead angry mobs, he didn't fight furiously to radicalize steelworkers. I'll bet he showed up for work three days a week in time to go to lunch and then went back and made a few phone calls to guys like Rezko, scheming to get himself elected, and then home in time to catch the last half of Oprah.

So now he's goofing off a little in the face of his apparent about-to-happen landslide victory in November. But people often choke on lobster, especially the kind they serve at the Waldorf-Astoria to overly confident candidates spending their overstuffed campaign's excessive cash. Joe Plumber, Six Pack Sid, and the rest of the yokels and their unfashionably-dressed Palin-like wives have had a lot of fingers poked into their eyes by the Obama campaign, some of it inadvertent, but all of it important. There is still a lot of doubt about the Republicans out in the hinterland. The polls might be right. I don't think the American people are going to look at this massive attempt at cheating at the polls, are going to sit by while a female Vice Presidential candidate is cruelly and unfairly slimed by a biased media, are going to sit back and enjoy being sneered at as a bunch of racists by a pack of overeducated elitist snots and then are going to go to the polls and vote for these same people. You can all laugh at me on November 5th for being such a fool but I just dont believe that this level of mendacity and hubris is going to be rewarded with victory.

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