Friday, October 31, 2008

Barak 'Hugo" Obama

If you took Bill Clinton and took away his sense of humor, his conniving pragmatism and his political restraint what do you get? America's second black president, Barak 'Hugo' Obama. There are an increasing number of signs that point to Obama being more lawless and more arrogant even than BJ Clinton, the former record-holder in those categories, and they are becoming alarming. The amazingly boring and condescending use of $200,000,000 of his burgeoning slush fund to pontificate to us lowly Americans before a traditional sporting event is an example of what's to come from our dazzling Messiah.

When Pelosi-Reid-Obama install the 'Fairness Doctrine' and change broadcast licensing to a yearly process you'll be amazed at how quickly the prime-time line-up will be preempted for an important Obama utterance. Failing newspapers will be 'revived' by the Newspaper Rescue Act, a benevolent government hand extended to a struggling industry to save jobs and add a new layer of supervision to reporters and editors. In the future layoffs at newspapers will be restricted to reporters whose anti-social views distort the news; i.e. conservatives. National Reporters Union officials will make sure that no Non-Union writers are hired and that those who are have a sufficient respect for the needs of the poor and the children. Just today it seems three reporters from papers which endorsed McCain have been kicked off the Obama campaign plane and sent home to say goodbye to their families, write their wills and wait for the 'Age Of Change' with the shades drawn. Getting snubbed by Obama will be like getting snubbed by Stalin, your friends back away as though you have the plague lest they be involved in your fall. Now the SuperBowl, The NBA Finals, The World Series and The Olympics will be preceded by stirring and inspirational messages from El Caudillo Maximo. You see, in a one-party socialist state the government controls everything and nobody says no to The Big Man. If you are interested in what's coming may I suggest you read 'A Bend In The River' by V.S. Naipal. Or just peruse the following from the London Times of May 29:

"On a day of already heightened tension surrounding the closure of Radio Caracas TelevisiĆ³n (RCTV), Venezuela's most prominent independent broadcaster, officials turned their sights on GlobovisiĆ³n, a local television network and CNN, the US cable news network, accusing them of plotting against the Government."

Oh you have a problem with any of Barak 'Hugo' Obama's policies? So did Joe The Plumber. The Obamanoids could have dropped that argument. They could have just ignored the Joe The Plumber incident and let it die, but Barak 'Hugo' Obama always has to have the last word. And, in a very 'funny' co-incidence Joe The Plumber's government records were scanned for usable sewage just as Sara Palin's e-mails mysteriously made it onto the front pages of the Obama-zomby press. Joe Wurzelbacker has been assaulted by what is an obviously orchestrated attack by the Obama campaign. Guess what Joe, when you go to get a bank loan to buy the plumbing business you dream of owning you better bring a ski-mask and a shotgun if you want to walk out with any funding because your banker has to worry about the Federal Bailout Money which is now his bank's only real asset.

What will these totalitarians do when they get total power? All three branches of government will be solidly dominated by people who ardently believe that they have been empowered to enact a vast social-engineering scheme and seize any existing resources to put that scheme into practice. These people are notoriously thin-skinned and go after the mildest criticism hammer and tongs. The days of a politician remaining comatose as he is viciously attacked will end when W departs, Barak 'Hugo' Obama is cut from different cloth. He responds to provocations from counterrevolutionary troublemakers.

You see, paying taxes is 'patriotic'. Not paying taxes is unpatriotic. Complaining about taxes is unpatriotic. And for the unpatriotic Bush has left us the Patriot Act. Now, the feeble Bush only used the Patriot Act to act against nihilistic, utopian, Islamic terrorists...people who are now on the Obama donor list, who have all been registered as Democrats by ACORN and several of whom have had long relationships with Barak 'Hugo' Obama. When it was being used to harass a pack of zany towelheads by the excreble Bush the Democrats hated The Patriot Act; Harry Reid announced it's demise with glee at one point. But you know, applied to the Right People, the Patriot Act might come in handy. We're all going to want to hunt down the snakes who are holding out on the poor by trying to cling to assets properly devoted to the state, that goes without saying.

The Venezuelafication of America is already happening. Collapsing state governments are releasing dangerous criminals while they lay off cops which will create a Caracas-style crime wave. After all crime is just a free-lance version of income redistribution; Socialism without red tape. People over property! In fact, the socialist rot that has been taking place for the last forty-four years is coming to a head no matter which pack of idiots takes power in Washington DC. Industry after industry is being sucked into the maw of government subsidies or being cowed by crowds of zealous regulators. Capital is fleeing and the flight will accelerate in the months between a Dem landslide and The Coronation Of Change. When the mask is dropped on Nov 5th and the power-hungry and arrogant leftists begin to dance in the streets with the bloody heads of W and Lady Liberty on pikes screaming, "Yes we can!" every movable penny in the nation will begin rolling offshore and the New Age can begin.

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