Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barak Aragorn Obama

In 'Lord Of The Rings' Aragorn realized that he didn't have enough men to turn back the attack that was being launched on Middle earth by the Evil Sauron. He is confronted by Elrond who tells him to 'walk the path of The Dead'. The mighty Aragorn enters the underground realm of the dead and summons them to the crusade. The evil Sauron is thwarted and the dead then return to their eternal rest, souls replenished.

When it comes to fighting evil the dead have their uses. Ask Barak Obama. A couple of months ago when his spinmiesters were trying to define just exactly what a 'community organizer' was they blithely announced that Jesus was a 'community organizer'. Some people thought that this was excessive hyperbole bordering on blasphemy but this attitude was obviously just a product of White Racism. You see Jesus was kind of a piker compared to Obama. After all JC only raised one guy from the dead and that was at a fundraiser/funeral (ala Clinton) and then it turns out that he pulls off this so-called miracle and then doesn't have a voter registration form handy. What a shnook! What kind of community organizing was that?

Not so Obama. The Dead flock to him in waves and there are no shortage of forms to enable them to exercise their rights as necro-citizens. The current surge in the polls for Obama is mainly the result of ACORN's registration drive for these necro-voters. This is in co-ordination with a parallel campaign to enfranchise another heretofore underrepresented voter group, cartoon characters. I've worked in the animation industry all my life so you can imagine me bustin' my buttons with pride as I see Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge Simpson as registered voters in cities across the country, always with the local ACORN office as the address to which their absentee ballots are sent. And my beloved Smurfs are now taking their place beside great Americans like Mickey Mouse and Popeye in the proud rolls of the enfranchised. Soon an accurate portrait of the American electorate will look like a sequel to Roger Rabbit shot in a graveyard.

So you see when the polls shift by changing the numbers of Democrats and Republicans sampled they are only taking into account the huge influx of 100% reliable Democrat votes which are flooding the system. The necro- and graphico-voters have a 100% turnout and they are the most reliable Democratic voters possible. No outrage or failed policy can shake their rock-solid determination that The Children continue to be protected by the party with a heart. Among living humans Obama is probably a sure loser. But with these new voters factored in...

This is not funny. The Democrats violent objections to any form of voter verification or identification show who the culprits are. The permanent bureaucracy will fight to protect its privileges. The ignorant and the unwashed electorate have shown that they don't possess a sufficient understanding of the importance of mega-government to be entrusted with a choice of leaders. This is the party which claims to stand for 'the people' but which in fact has become the party of the wealthy and the powerful; whether they be employed by huge corporations gleening subsidies to cover up for their ruinous mistakes or are the entrenched and arrogant politicians who are paid for these subsidies by the same corporations or the parasitic bureaucrats in ten thousand agencies and towering office buildings whose swelling little empires are competing ever more voraciously for the shrinking and anemic remains of the private sector to fund increasing perks and fatter pensions. There is too much at stake for these people to let the public upset the apple cart.

So now our Hugo Chavez-like Democratic candidate is preparing to stuff the ballot boxes with phony ballots. All the Democrats' pretentions of a New Morality have been thrown into the trash in the lust for power. But that happened under Clinton, this is just that same horrible ethic writ large. One that the Mushy Bushy was happy to play along with, BTW. But the Dems hated Mushy Bushy and attacked him daily and fervently always yearning for a new Golden Age of Total Government. Now they have a candidate who has more contempt for this country and its traditions than any other candidate has ever had. He has been steeped in the academic thuggery of the Left and owes no respect to the democratic ideals of the country he finds so lacking. Just as with Clinton, another empty fatherless youth is about to act out the adolescent frustrations which tore him apart as a young man in the arena of the White House. What a national disaster if the living, non-cartoon voters are stupid and blind enough to empower this guy.

A century of failure should warn most people away from all these utopian recipes being proposed by Pelosi, Reid and Obama but it doesn't. Surely the government-engineered financial sector disaster we are currently living through should be some cause for caution. The rationale for removing any qualification criteria to get a mortgage was an altruistic one. The system was being opened up to the 'deserving poor'. Rules that were imposed by the need for sound business practices were repealed in the name of equity. But don't worry, the financial corporations have been rescued by a tidal wave of phony money. The six and seven figure salaries of the heads of these vast enterprises are secure. They've learned the lesson that the government can push them to make disastrous mistakes but then will cover them over with a mess of cash when things go south. The auto industry, hamstrung by predatory Unions and impossible CAFE standards is passing into the Wraith World of nationalized quasi-private government-supported always in the red sectors of the economy. The automakers deliver on their impossible-to-fulfill union contracts by falling into the forgiving arms of government receivership and assuming the aspect of British Leyland. The outcome of all this good work on behalf of the formerly powerless is absolutely certain; bankruptcy and inflation. Government workers impoverished, their pensions worthless. 30% unemployment. The tenured professors will be standing in the Food Stamp line with the laid-off factory workers and former newspaper reporters. Atlas will shrug- Big Time!

That's when it gets ugly. What did Obama's fellow socialists Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez do when the economy started to collapse? They had an amnesty of hardened criminals. The streets of Caracas are now more violent than those of war-torn Bogata or the favelas of Rio. When the New Age justices realize that Three-strikes laws discriminate against criminals on the basis of race they will be overturned under our Living Constitution and the victims of this racist persecution will be compensated for their lost years. They will then be set free knowing that their crimes will go unpunished as long as they only victimize the middle and working classes and leave the nobility alone. This will be just one of the many things which will conspire to crush the spirits of the potential opposition.

That's us. We jumped on the phony equity party train with everybody else. I was half a million dollars ahead at one point. Usually the only way to get your hands on that half-mil would be to sell the shack and hand whopping percentages to estate agents and tax collectors. Some people just borrowed on their 'equity'. You could max out your plastic at the mall, go home and write yourself a check from the equity line of credit and shazzam! your shopping spree was on the house! As the tide receded we fools who thought we were rich are now faced with gigantic debts. Kids are graduating from college $200,000 in the hole with no decent job prospects in store. The ever higher taxes which are crushing the economy and stifling job creation are low compared with other socialist countries. Obama and the gang will fix that by taking things to levels the up-to-now relatively untaxed under $50,000 a year types are going to find hard to believe. Mega inflation will push the untaxed into the confiscatory tax brackets of the rich. While subsidies will increase and government continues to grow, while unions use 'card check' to forcibly enroll every worker in the country, while the Iron Rice Bowl of fat pensions is handed to more and more retirees from the Public Sector the percentage of the paycheck the average person is allowed to keep will shrink to levels that serfs in the Middle Ages didn't pay.

So expect the computers to 'malfunction' during the 2012 election and when the malfunction is corrected a huge Obama landslide will be revealed-- just like Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Once Obama is in we will never get rid of him. The law means nothing to these guys. They will never relinquish power. I know there are still people saying that they'll vote for Bob Barr because Mclame is so, well, McLame but I'm begging you, don't do it! We all have to stand up and stop this coup d'etat by the left. They stand poised to finally finish this country off and replace it with another dreary socialist People's Republic. Vote NO on Obama by voting for McLame.


Frank Gerratana said...

"The current surge in the polls for Obama is mainly the result of ACORN's registration drive for these necro-voters."

Are the necro-voters participating in telephone polling?

skep41 said...

No, but they add to the weight of the sample. The polls try to reflect the proportion of voters registered to each party. Thousands of necros registered as Democrats increase the numbers of Dems polled. Actually it is right to include necro and graphico voters in any sample because they are 100% likely to vote. The Time and Newsweek polls sample 38% Dems 26% Reps and the rest indies.

Frank Gerratana said...

But in that case, the actual voters being polled will dilute the segment, in terms of how likely the segment will vote. Let's assume 100% of dead/cartoon voters will vote for Obama, and less than 100% of the actual registered Democrats will vote for Obama (a realistic view since not all people vote on party lines). When the pollsters call, they only get live, non-cartoon voters, and none of the 100%-loyal dead/cartoon ones. On the other hand, on election day, the dead/cartoon voters will show up to vote. This will skew the percentage higher, and thus potentially giving Obama an even greater margin of victory. *Of course, this is all dependent on whether this skew is greater or less than the skew imposed by a model assuming a greater number of registered Democrats than there may actually be, and whether or not the dead & animated voters find a way to register their vote at the ballot box.

skep41 said...

Yes but having inflated numbers of Dems on the voter roles affect the percentage of Democrats in the polling sample. If you take a poll with ten percent more Democrats than Republicans in the sample and Democrats tend to be for Obama you are skewing the results of actual humans toward the Democrats unless you accept the 200,000 phony voters in Ohio as being part of public opinion. But the cartoon voters also have the potential to defeat Obama. I don't think that the Al Sharpton-like ethics of Obama and his fellow community organizers are working to overcome people's anxiety about electing a black radical as president. I won't believe that its possible for Obama to be elected until I actually see it. I hear too many people that I always considered Democratic liberals having real problems with Obama. This is 1948.

skep41 said...

I missed making my point. This isn't a statistical exercise. Doesn't a candidate who is systematically using phony votes to steal an election bother you?

Frank Gerratana said...

Every election we get accusations on both sides that the other side is committing voter fraud, stealing votes, pulling dirty tricks, etc. If it's all true, at least maybe it's canceling each other out.

skep41 said...

No, its not equal. The FBI is investigating a systematic attempt to create phony votes in 11 swing states. There are 200,000 phony votes in question in Ohio and the Supreme Court just told the Secretary Of State there that she didn't have to enforce the law if she didn't feel like it. Do you feel good about that?

Frank Gerratana said...

I'll be concerned if they start talking about convictions, or even just indictments. Until then, it's all just accusations.