Friday, October 10, 2008


I never thought I would see it. An angry crowd berates the candidate for not attacking his opponent! This limp noodle of a McLame is standing there letting the Democrats get away with the biggest governmental blunder since Mao Tse Tung's 'Great Leap Forward'. He's letting Obama walk away from the fact that he emerged from the Far Left of the Democratic Party and now is pretending to be some kind of a moderate. McLame is ignoring massive, systematic voter fraud by a radical left-wing group which has received large infusions of cash from the Obama Campaign and for which Obama worked as a community organizer!

Members of the crowd, in what was supposed to be a 'town meeting' full of sympathetic supporters demanded that McLame start getting tough with his opponents. Obama went through that entire last debate without having to answer one single question about his involvement with the people who ran Fannie and Freddie. But more important he should have to explain the underlying policy of making mortgages available to people who were formerly thought to be unqualified to get a mortgage. The Democrat line was always that these people were victims of 'redlining' and one form of discrimination or another and were kept from their 'right' to own a home by greedy bankers imposing unreasonable restrictions. It turns out the the restrictions were very reasonable and kept a crowd of vulture-like speculators at bay. As soon as the document-free 125% no down mortgages with a low two year negative amortization teaser rate appeared house values ceased making any sense and a crash became inevitable.

Has McLame missed what a big issue this is? Obama hasn't. He's got a simple, understandable explaination. The Republicans, under McLame's good buddy George Bush, removed the restrictions and allowed Greedy Wall Street Bankers to make worthless loans which they now are proceeding to sell to the taxpayers at full value. The eternal nudnik Bush can be forgiven if he sits quietly and lets himself be blamed for yet another Democratic disaster, that's who he is.
McLame is also reluctant to issue the mildest criticism of his Dem buddies. The reason Palin has made such a splash is that she has no such inhibitions. Even reigned in as she was she womped that lump of a Biden. I guess we cant expect something like that out of Mclame.

But we're furious. Those people in that crowd were speaking to my heart. They should have tarred and feathered that old duffer and declared a party mutiny-- one that placed Palin in the top spot on the ticket. At least she would go down fighting. The leader that we have yearned for since the retirement of Reagan and through the long night of Bush-Clinton-Bush has arrived and unfortunately is tied to a worthless old Maverick. Fight for us, and stop sucking up to your buddies in the Senate! Obama is the most vulnerable candidate in political history.

People chide the media for bias. McLame doesn't. He doesn't ask why him and Palin will go on liberal news shows but why Obama can't do an interview with Brit Hume or Charles Krauthammer. Why there is never a conservative journalist 'moderateing' one of these phony debates. Not ask, YELL TO THE SKIES! The media will have to cover that.

He'll never do it. He doesn't have a song in his heart. Right now the polls are showing an Obama massacre. You can all believe that people are going to look past the voter fraud and forget who engineered this mortgage mess and dance to the polls to happily install the least qualified presidential candidate in American history. I don't see it. I think that the voter fraud by the ugly thugs at ACORN is the Wellstone Funeral of this election. Obama is a dishonest sleaze and I think that this election will turn on the last weekend. It McLame hits him hard enough Obama will lose big.

So now its time for McLame to lift himself out of his stubborn accomodationism and listen to the angry mob. Does he have it in him? Probably not.

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