Sunday, October 26, 2008

Save Yer Confederate Dollars!

Its 2010. I need a pack of gum. Could one of you guys lend me $10,000 to get a pack of gum? Oh the time you hand me that snazzy new $10000 bill (pictured above) the price of a pack of Juicy Fruit will have risen to $11000. I hate when that happens. And it DOES happen. It happened in the former Soviet Union. Its happening in Zimbabwe. It has happened in Mexico and Argentina. It happens in all Socialist countries. It will happen here when we elect a socialist government on Nov. 4th. It will happen much faster than people will believe.

What is money? Paper money started as a promise by the government to pay the bearer 'on demand' the equivalent amount of gold or silver. Everybody knew that there were a lot more paper dollars floating around then there was bullion to back them up but by the time a stable paper currency was in circulation, after the Civil War, the economy was expanding and booming so no one even wanted to cash in their paper for illiquid, non-negotiable metal. Political campaigns demanding a return to 'hard' money were big losers.

Then came the Depression. Roosevelt confiscated all gold money, a fact lost on the idiots who are currently buying gold to hedge against the coming wave of inflation. Unless you have purchased your gold from a burglar who stole some hoarders stash of Krugerrands there is an electronic record of your purchase that a specie-hungry socialist government will impound and use to hunt down the morons who think they were smarter than everybody else. You'll be asked to share with the less fortunate, Mr. Gold-hoarding, counterrevolutionary, individualist scumbag; and if you hold out you'll learn the kind of methods a money-hungry socialist state will resort to when its ruling class needs hard currency to pay for its blunders and extravagances. Steam rooms so hot you cant breathe, enforced sleeplessness, your wife and children tortured in front of your eyes...those were the methods of Stalin's gold police. In Saddam's Iraq they cut your toes off with bolt-cutters and threw your kids off the roof of a four-story building in case they suspected you were holding out on them. I'll bet our American geniuses can do better...and they will!

Meanwhile expect a visit from Grandma, kiddies. You see, in mega-inflation a Social Security check that is adjusted for a phony, way-understated inflation rate once a year is going to be totally worthless. Ditto the nationalized 401k and private pension you thought you had... there are bills already being proposed that will seize those assets in the name of Fairness. So the one meal a day that your eternally shrinking paycheck will allow you to afford will have to be shared out amongst another generation. Think it cant happen? Well, after the fall of the Soviet Union it DID happen, exactly like I just said.

That is the logical end of all these cradle-to-grave welfare schemes. The Europeans, long propped up by American capitalism and wealth will be left to flounder and crash into a chaos and anarchy not seen since the Dark Ages. The oil thugs, a pack of parasites too incompetent and lazy to extract their own oil, will see their oil royalties drop to nothing as the international trading system collapses, sending the former nomads back to their herds of sheep and camel-hide tents while the unsustainable modern cities are inhabited by the corpses of the helpless citizens who were unable to make the leap back to Bedouinism. The International Welfare States of Africa, finally freed of the accursed foreigners and their filthy aid money will quickly revert to primitive, murderous savagery where the surviving tenth of their former populations will revert to eternal tribal war, slavery and periodic famines and epidemics; a happy restoration of their indigenous cultures that the anthropologists were so upset to see lost to consumerism. As modern communications and commerce break down the excessive populations of Pakistan, Iran, India, Indonesia and China will be pulled down in the crash to a tenth of their former levels if a nuclear war is somehow avoided in the chaos.

Global Warming wont be an issue anymore as economic activity is cut by 90%. Not that any form of environmental consciousness will continue to exist. Socialist countries have by far the worst environmental records and without any effective international criticism all restraints will be gone. With everything stripped down to edge-of-survival mode no one will be sniveling about clean air or clean water. But environmentalists can look forward to herds of deer and packs of coyotes and wolves roaming through the abandoned suburbs which will slowly return to the wild.

What role did an assertive, capitalist America play in the Old Order? It was a bastion, a competitor, a beacon, an example of how things can be done right. Remove that capitalist America from the scene and what is there to keep the world from a new socialist Dark Age? The values of the West, developed from the Renaissance, The Age Of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the rise of modern technology have been abandoned and forgotten. Nothing but inertia is holding this society together. Obama will give it the push it needs to collapse.

Instead of an international outlook people's horizons will be completely local. Elections, if they continue to exist, will involve only one party and be completely meaningless. That is already happening and the Obama-nation will complete the trend by adding giant chunks of phony ballots to each election.

And look at that $10000 bill. Under our current tax code people that have $10000 bills are the truly wealthy. You're going to have a pocket of them every day in Obamaland after you cash your paycheck (in inflation you are paid the readjusted amount of your pay daily...if you're lucky). Even though one of those Sharptons will only buy a pack of gum the unadjusted-for-inflation tax code is going to sock it to you because YOU will be a multi-multi-millionaire according to the code...time to share that excess cash with the treasury. Its patriotic. And you know what will happen to the unpatriotic; they will be given Free Health Care to cure their anti-social mental illness.

There isn't a single thing that I have talked about in this post that hasn't happened in other countries. If Americans aren't unique, possessed with a philosophy that sets this country apart from the oppressive governments in other countries, but are merely 'citizens of the world' then those same things will happen here quickly and without the distant example of an America to restrain the excesses. we are the last outpost and that outpost is about to fall.

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