Saturday, August 18, 2007

Clintonz, Clintonz, Clintonz!

Today John Hawkins wrote a column on TH 'Eight Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary'. My immediate quarrel was with the title-- Shouldn't it have been 'Eight Of The Many Reasons...etc'. Their incompetence is total, their corruptions legion, their ability to spout lies layered on lies is unmatched. If we have to listen to any more fables of the Goldwater Girl donating time to minister to the needs of illegal aliens in her wealthy Chicago suburb I think I'll hurl. If people are going to reelect these two pukes then they should stop complaining about corruption and dishonesty in government-- they are getting what they want.
Here is my posted response to the column:

That short paragraph on corruption failed to mention one of the most egregious examples of the Clint's corruption in office-- their relationship with the Chicoms.The Clints took millions from the Chicoms and millions from the Loral corporation. Shortly after this occurred embargoed missile-aiming technology was transferred to the Chinese. Read 'Year Of The Rat'.
Now Her Royal Thighness is flying around the country in a jet owned by Vin Gupta, a piece of human refuse who's business includes selling phone lists of 'vulnerable' senior citizens to telephone rip-off artists. The lovely and delightful Bill Jefferson (BJ) sits on the board of this company and has collected millions for his work.
The paragraph also didnt mention the Clinton Double-Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor in Little Rock, a conduit for unreported 'donations' from criminals and foreign governments.
In a paragraph that apparently slipped John Hawkins mind (the ninth reason) is BJ's career birddoggin babes and bangin beaver. Belinda Stronach and the divorcee down the street at Chappaqua are just a couple that have made it into the press recently. Haven t we subjected ourselves to this national disgrace enough already? Doesn't Hilly's supervision of the 'Bimbo Eruptions' intimidation team disqualify her for any public office?
How about her 250+ 'I Dont Remember's' when she testified in front of the Grand Jury in Castel Grande (subpoenaed billing records found in her office after the statute of limitations had passed).
I could go on. There are a thousand reasons not to put these two creeps back in office. Lets hope the Oprah watchers and other mental defectives don't overwhelm us (with a few hundred thousand phony ballots added in in key districts) and hand power back to these two nefarious incompetants.

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