Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who's the Schlemiel?

This was written as a comment on Townhall to respond to a Jonah Goldberg article attacking Alberto Gonzales as he resigns. I feel Gonzales is a result of a much larger problem-- the almost-total lack of leadership ability of one George W. Bush. Here is what I wrote:

My father once explained two Yiddish terms to me:
A schlemazl is the guy who knocks the can of paint off the window sill, the schlemeil is the hapless boob who gets splashed with the falling paint. Bush is the schlemazl. Gonzales is the hapless boob who was the victim of Bush's inability to confront his enemies. In the name of comity Bush has egged on the claque of left-wing creeps in the Senate who are devoted to his destruction. If Bush had directed the Justice Department to investigate Harry Reid's land deals,Chuck Schumer's credit checks, DiFi's hubby's defence contracts and a host of other scandals the situation would be quite different. If they're going to attack him for having a 'political' Justice Department than why not have one? Now he gets attacked for it while the Dems skate away free.
Conservatives always talk about media bias but if the media were given a hot, juicy investigation of a Democratic Senator they would report it. All we see are the Repubs cowering, waiting for the next media attack without realizing that you can seize the initiative and write the story for the media to report. Bush,the schlemazl, never got that. He never understood about intra-party discipline or how to confront his political opponents-- or even who his political opponents are (he's attacked his base more often than he's attacked the Dems). So now Sad Sack Gonzales, dripping with paint, goes to spend more time with his family. Another humiliating defeat for we conservatives who have been cursed with such a feckless leader.

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