Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, I Get It!

This Larry Craig (Soon-To-Be-Ex Senator From Idaho) thing, where he got busted trying to (yuck) have sex with a cop in an airport bathroom is just too much. I mean what's stinkier and more gross than an airport bathroom? Talk about weird compulsions. What drives a guy like that? Its unfortunate that the current political correctness prevents any serious look at homosexuality, just as the old Puritanism did. Anyway, the incident engendered a comment:

I used to think that Republicans opposed gay marriage because they were puppets of the Puritanical Christian Right. It turns out that the real reason is that they dont want to get stuck buying expensive wedding rings for their boyfriends. Hey Larry, you big dummy, why not just have a lobbyist pay for you to spend a couple of hours at Barney Frank's house and get it out of your system in a socially acceptable way? What is it with these guys? A stranger in a stinky airport bathroom; I hate to pass judgement in this age of no moral standards, but that shows the soul of a Furbish Lousewart-- certainly not the soul of a leader.

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