Monday, August 9, 2010

The Dem's Bridge To Nowhere

Just last week ten doctors and their helpers were murdered by the Taliban. They were giving medical care, free, to people in rural Afghanistan who never had seen a doctor before. The Taliban accused these troublemaking imperialists of being Christians and spies and hauled them from their surgeries and executed them. To be fair to the Taliban the 'Christian' charge was probably true. Advocating Christianity to Muslims, even if its only by your charitable example, violates Sharia Law after all.

Two Texas teenagers were murdered by their father because they were dating boys that he didnt approve of. The Egyptian-born father fled to a country where Sharia Law approves of honor killings and will protect him from extradition.

Every day, in this country, young girls are sexually mutilated by Islamic holy-women so that they will not be able to enjoy sex, a practice sanctioned under Sharia Law. Their clitoris is removed by an unwashed old lady with an unsterile exacto knife so they wont grow up to be the whores that their religious leaders describe American women as.

In England and Canada the spineless local authorities have allowed local Sharia Courts to handle cases of 'domestic violence' (aka wife-beating). Wife beating is sanctioned by Sharia Law and most traditional Islamic cultures consider a man who doesnt beat his wife occasionally as a negligent husband.

Now a group, its funding mysteriously secret (unlike our top secret Afghanistan archives), wants to build a Mosque Of Osama's Victory near the site of the 9/11 'man-caused disaster'.
The group wants to dedicate the mosque to the promotion of Sharia Law in this country. The leftists are outraged that the unwashed peasantry is in a lather about this gob of spit aimed at the collective face of a nation the left considers evil and describes this wonderful mosque as an 'outreach' and a 'bridge to understanding' between us and our misunderstood Muslim peace partners.

If there's anything that accentuates the contempt that the left has for the United States and its non-ivy-league-graduate proles its this issue. We all watched Eric Holder unable to speak the name of Islam when asked a direct question as to who might be waging a war of terrorism against us. We read the report of the Justice Department on the incident where an army doctor, who had been making violent jihadist threats openly for years, stood on a table emptying his pistol into his fellow diners and shouting 'Allahu Akbar'; the report that did not contain the word 'Islam' and overlooked his relationship with one of Al Qaida's leaders.

The panty-bomber, the large jihadist training camp in Arkansas, the years of sniveling an legal harassment to aid the vicious killers in Club Gitmo, the Obamunist's complicity in the release of the Lockerby monster, Hillary Clinton's silence about the condition of Muslim women at the giant UN Women's forum in China a few years ago, the complete silence on the motives of the DC snipers, the growing Somali terrorist community in Minnesota...the list is endless of the pusillanimous bum-crawling by the left to the savage, misogynistic religion of Islam.

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), now up for reelection, shortly after 9/11 explained that the people of Afghanistan loved Osama Bin Laden because he had built so many great roads and day care centers in Afghanistan. At that time, during Taliban rule, many war widows starved to death because it was illegal for women to go outside in public unaccompanied by a male relative and also illegal for women to have a job. All women's medical care was forbidden because women doctors couldnt have jobs and men were forbidden to touch an unrelated woman. Patty Murray's traitorous tongue should drop out of her stupid mouth for saying that.

At a speech at Columbia former Iranian president Khatami explained his government's death penalty policy for homosexuals and was applauded, this in a place that violently attacked Ann Coulter because she was filled with hate. You see Conservatives can be for traditional marriage and that makes them hate-mongers but we have to build a bridge to people who not only advocate the death penalty to gay people but carry it out on a regular basis.

That's how far the liberals' self-hate and hatred of our country has taken them. Being opposed to a mosque whose mere existence is an insult to the memory of the thousands who had their lives cruelly ended in the name of Islam, a mosque dedicated to a system of laws that allow wife-beating, honor killings, female sexual mutilation and the legal judicial murder of homosexuals, is now seen by our Elitist masters as the epitome of intolerance. We're building a bridge of understanding, you see. Those Taliban guys probably were perusing the terrorist-friendly New York Times, a paper which describes them as 'activists' or 'militants', looking for the crossword puzzle and stumbled on an article about local opposition to the Mosque Of Osama's Victory and were so outraged at the intolerance of the American boobocracy that they were forced to take some kind of action to show that intolerance will not be tolerated.

But the lefties are right. After all, most of the world's evil has originated in the United States. Look at Hiroshima. In the same spirit that has raised the Mosque Of Osama's Victory in Manhattan could be applied to other historical crimes committed by our imperialistic nation. How about a biological research institute right next to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor (another man-caused disaster) where Japanese doctors could further medical advances with experiments on human subjects arrested for participating in hate-filled Tea Party gatherings? The Heinrich Himmler Institute of Ethnic Studies right next to the Holocaust Museum in the heavily Jewish neighborhood of West Los Angeles? The possibilities are endless because the crimes of America are endless and the need for bridges is almost unbridgeable. And as far as executing Christians goes, what good leftist has ever found that to be a crime when some leftist dictator did it? Why condemn it now for niggling religious reasons?


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There are local Sharia councils in neighborhoods in the UK and Canada that are superceding local law. Domestic violence cases are routinely dealt with by Sharia courts. Female sexual mutilation and honor killings are on the rise. For HuffPo to point out that these guys are far from imposing this stuff on the rest of us is fine but what about the women routinely abused under Sharia Law? Those HuffPo guys want to make the Confederate flag illegal because it suggests slavery. They are rabid in trying to stamp out any vestige of Christianity from public life but somehow people advocating what is in effect second class citizenship for females, not ours but the ones the Sharians currently feel they have ownership rights to, is something to build a bridge to. But dont worry, the Obamunists have hired Rauf to be a 'good will ambassador' to the Middle East and the mosque will be built and us paranoid crazies will lose again.