Sunday, August 15, 2010

They Truly Dont Get It

I was watching a discussion of The Mosque Of Osama's Victory on Fox News Sunday. This was following up on the two guests in the opening segment Senators Cornyn (R-Texas) and Reed (D-Oregon). Sen. Reed had made the following statement:

On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) said troops in Afghanistan are being asked to find common ground with Muslims. "If we can't do that here in the United States, we're going to have a very difficult time over there."

None of the panelists discussing this subject later in the show; a liberal reporterette from the Washington Post, the co-publisher of a conservative magazine that backed McCain in the last election, a press secretary to the former President (the one responsible for all of Obama's mistakes), and a fairly straightforward reporter; found that statement objectionable or upsetting at all. Or even worth talking about. The idea that soldiers in combat were working to find common ground with the Taliban and the hostile opium-growing savages who support them is an example of the twisted sociological doublethink that the entire elite culture in this country has fallen victim to. After all Julius Caesar and Napoleon both spoke at great length at the need to reach a workable understanding with one's adversaries. Or was that Honorius?

This Mosque Of Osama's Victory is not an isolated issue. In Fort Hood Major Nidal Hasan stood on a table in a mess hall firing into a crowd of diners, killing 12 wounding 30 or so. As he fired his gun he yelled, "Allahu Akbar!" It later turned out that he was exchanging e-mails with the head of an Al Qaida group in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki. He attended prayer at a notorious local radical mosque. He made frequent crazy and violently jihadist statements but the officers who reported this to their superiors soon realized that they were jeopardizing their careers by opening their mouths. All of Hasan's contacts and questionable statements were known to the authorities. These authorities received orders from the highest levels to leave Maj. Hasan alone and ignore his inflammatory statements. Why was this scorpion, this enemy of our country allowed to continue in this way for years and still retain his commission in the US Army? Why did the Army report of this terrorist attack by this Islamonazi not mention the words terrorist or Islam? Google the story. The only news stories that identify Major Hasan as a Muslim with links to Al Qaida are British. Our own masters think we're too stupid and excitable to be told the truth.

Same with the Panty Bomber. We got an earful of offensive constitutional blather from our Attorney General justifying their complete botch of the entire incident. They Mirandized this dangerous terrorist when quick questioning could have led to quick action. If these drooling clowns were capable of quick action, which they're not. Every military action has to be approved by the committee with the rights of the terrorists and their surrounding supporters duly considered, of course. They dont understand things like surprise and hitting back as hard as you can. They're too busy finding 'common ground' to think that way.

The reason I was so shocked at the discussion on Fox News is that they didnt even have a hint of what is so glaringly obvious to the Tea Partiers or the rednecks or the bitter clingers...whatever words they have for us unpleasant types that insist that someone yelling loudly that they hate you and want to kill you, and who acts on it as often as they can, is a dangerous enemy to be fought with whatever means are the most effective. None of them in that discussion on Fox thought that. They didnt understand how angry and insulted people who have watched Christianity be vilified and driven from public life by these same elitists are to watch them suck up so shamelessly to a pack of ugly, violent Muslims who preach the enslavement of women and the destruction of our country with every breath. They're spending the same intensity in getting this Mosque Of Osama's Victory built as they spend trying to get the Ten Commandments removed from the front of some local courthouse in Mississippi. Citing the same twisted misreading of the constitution to back up their indefensible, and in this case completely contradictory, actions. The 'separation of church and state' is apparently not endangered by the State Department hiring Imam Rauf, the builder of the Mosque Of Osama's Victory, and sending him to the Middle East as a good will ambassador with US taxpayer funds to spend repairing crumbling mosques. None of the Fox panelists really understand that obscenities like this are why people feel so strongly about the Mosque Of Osama's Victory. They dont see Imam Rauf being hired by our government as a obscenity, its an interesting topic to be pondered between the latest opinion polls and the Preparation H commercial. This completely different take on the meaning of events like Mosque Of Osama's Victory and so many others, shows the gap between the aristocracy and the proletariat, to boil it down to the Marxist class analysis these silk-stocking types learned at their elite universities.

The elites want to build a bridge to these creeps. We want to fight them. Just like we want to have a real border and decide who stays in the country and under what terms without being called racists or preached to by foreign leaders while our president grins along. Thats why this election is different than any other election we've ever seen. The left has lost control of the agenda. Nothing they can say or do will ever get me and plenty of other people to prefer Harry 'The War Is Lost' Reid over Sharon Angle. No amount of television smear ads will erase that slimy traitor's sneering happiness at what he imagined was his country's defeat from my mind. Its going to be tough for Barbara Boxer to get people forget that she chose the Delta Smelt over 100,000 farmers and their employees. People in Louisiana are going to have a tough time trusting Democrats after one of their main industries was shut down by a shadowy council of anti-oil Greenies. People in Arizona arent going to forget Barry and Felipe standing together calling them racists. I'm not likely to forget that one soon myself. I burned with shame to live in a country that elected Barak Obama.

Finally, all over the country, regular people have seen through the lie that there are 'moderate' Democrats. The Democrats defend themselves by pointing to the actions of liberal Republicans and claiming that there is some great consensus for people being kicked around and disrespected by their government. The Republiclowns have found that in primary after primary the 'establishment backed candidate' is crushed by some person they see as a total Yahoo. Who would have thought prissy little Connecticut would turn into a political version of Wrestlemania? Last week's primaries must have sent a shock of fear through any Democrat who isnt getting high sniffing the ink from the editorial page of the New York Times. Very few of them, it turns out, because none seem to have noticed that in every primary in this entire season the turnout has been lopsidedly Tea Party. Or have admitted it. They think a few negative ads will herd those dopey Independents back into the fold as soon as they see what a bunch of goofballs got nominated in the primaries. Sorry Democrats. As long as you openly support The Mosque Of Osama's Victory no decent American will ever vote for you.


Frank Gerratana said...

Is this terrorism? Does it reflect on Christianity in the same way?

skep41 said...

Terrorism? It's certainly using ideology as a justification for breaking the law and committing loathsome acts of violence but because its specific and not random its not 'terrorism' in my mind, not that that makes it any morally better, its just a matter of definition. It reflects on the Christianity of the people who engage in it, and you can see that this form illegal violence appalls many people who are Christians. You can be a devout Christian and find this sort of violence morally wrong without abandoning the tenets of Christianity. Anti-abortion violence is genuinely anti-woman but Christianity is not. Islam is. Anti-abortion violence isnt terrorism in the same sense that Islamic nihilism is and there is also the matter of degree. In one incident Maj. Hasan killed or injured more people than all the incidents mentioned in the Wikipedia article without trying to determine what his victims' views were. Because I'm not an abortion provider or purchaser I dont personally feel threatened by anti-abortion violence, which has subsided (at least from the media) in the last few years.